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    Tom Holland Nearly Spoiled "No Way Home" By Talking About A Stunt With Zendaya, And Andrew Garfield's Response Was Priceless

    "Tom's a really bad liar."

    🚨Warning: Spoilers for No Way Home ahead. 🚨

    If you've kept up with Tom Holland's time in the MCU at all, then you're likely aware that the poor man cannot keep a secret for the life of him.

    Spider-Man on top of a car while Dr. Strange watches from afar

    So in a new interview with BBC Radio 1's Ali Plumb, Tom's super-secret Spider-Man: No Way Home co-star — Andrew Garfield — reacted to a moment where Tom almost spoiled Andrew's appearance in the movie.

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    Ali brought up a moment that happened when he interviewed Tom and Zendaya back in early December — and asked Zendaya about the stunt where she falls off the scaffolding near the end of the film.

    Zendaya falling

    "It was fun," Zendaya says, to which Tom replied, "It was really fun. Well, I wasn't there."

    Zendaya and Tom being interviewed

    Of course, Tom saying that he wasn't there was more than a little suspicious — given that you can clearly see Spider-Man jumping after her, and he was supposedly going to be the only Spider-Man appearing in the movie.

    Tom the moment he realized he mis-spoke

    And, with the benefit of hindsight, you can definitely see the moment where Tom realizes what he's said:

    When the interviewer then brings up that he suspected Andrew was in the movie thanks to that conversation with Tom, Andrew immediately replied, "Tom's a really bad liar."

    Andrew being interviewed

    He then looked a tad concerned hearing about Tom's answer...

    ...Before immediately bursting into laughter.

    Because — as Andrew asks — if Tom wasn’t there, then, “How did she get through it?”

    Andrew being interviewed

    Thankfully, it seems like Andrew was amused more than anything. "Oh bless him," he added. "I love you too, Tom. Never change."

    You can watch the full interview with Andrew here.