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    • natashaae

      Believe me it’s not out of disrespect thatIsay these things.Iwas fortunate enough to visit reservations.Ithink it wonderful that they continue to be proud and celebrate there heritage. AsIsaid it just Saddens me that SOME tribes were moved against there will and if anything the British were probably very much part of that. We experienced similar things in this country. The Viking’s, Romans, the Monarchy my ancestors were treated inasimilar manor(I can trace back my family to the 1200’s).Iwould be proud to have suchagreat Native American community but not for the reasons SOME of them ended up being in Oklahoma

    • natashaae

      The only one issueIhave with this is the reason there is suchavast population of Indian Tribes in Oklahoma is because they were moved there against there will (Trail of Tears). I’m British,I lived in Moore Oklahoma for3yrs, now back in the UK and it saddens me that this would be something Oklahoma would be proud of!!! Why would you be proud of our ancestors forcing the native people of the US down to Oklahoma?? That’s not somethingIwould put in this list or maybe I’m wrong??

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