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21 Things You'll Know If You're Actually Awful At Flirting

Are they flirting or are they just being friendly with you? You'll never know.

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3. You just can't do it flirtatiously.


4. You can barely speak to people you fancy, let alone successfully flirt with them.

5. Or you do the opposite and straight-up word vomit.

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You either say something incredibly stupid or just a rambling story that goes nowhere, and only realise what you're doing when it's already too late.


9. Or you won't even think about it until it clicks long after the interaction has ended.


Five years later, while sipping on your morning coffee, you finally realise that the offer to see a film together wasn't actually because they really, really wanted to see the special 18th anniversary screening of Home Alone 3.

11. Once you finally realise someone is flirting with you, and you don't fancy them back, you're horrified and completely unable to turn them down nicely, subtly, or convincingly.


"Um, sorry, I would love to get drinks...but I am being shipped war. Right now. OK bye."


21. But that's alright, because apparently the best kind of flirting is when neither of you know you're doing it.