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The Internet Can't Decide How It Feels About Tubbs The Cat

Do you hate him, love him, or think he is just OK?

This is Tubbs the Cat.


Tubbs is one of the many cats you can collect in the game Neko Atsume: Cat Collector.

Hit-Point / Via

But unlike the other cats, Tubbs has incited some strong and contrasting feelings among Neko Atsume fans.

BuzzFeed / Via Tumblr

The problem is that whenever Tubbs visits, he eats all the food.

Except, of course, the free food. He won't even touch that crap.

But, in return, he is very generous with his fish offerings.

But if you disturb him in the middle of his post-binge slumber, he will spitefully leave only a silver fish or two.

For his gluttony, some are quick to brand him as a source of evil.

Chaotic Evil, to be precise.

They believe his gluttony must be stopped.

And that his absence is to be celebrated.

Others believe we must protect Tubbs at all costs.

Some are making tributes to the wonder that is Tubbs.

To them, Tubbs is too pure for this world.

Basically, it is an issue that has fragmented the internet.

  1. So, what are your feelings towards Tubbs?

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So, what are your feelings towards Tubbs?
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    Let him eat.
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    He must be stopped.
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    He OK.