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    22 Times "The IT Crowd" Was Actually The Funniest TV Show Ever

    "I'll just put this over here with the rest of the fire."

    1. This interpretation of normal:

    2. This natural reaction to sunlight:

    3. This perfect summary of every sport ever:

    4. This very awkward conversation:

    5. This strong point:

    6. This excellent attitude to life:

    7. The most accurate summary of humanity ever:

    8. This iconic line:

    9. This casual courtroom behaviour:

    10. This chant of everyone that has ever worked in IT:

    11. This memorable entrance:

    12. When Moss shows Jen ~The Internet~:

    13. This entirely reasonable response to a compliment:

    14. This tactful breakup:

    15. This perfect interaction:

    16. This observant self-analysis:

    17. This example of attentive listening:

    18. This tactful Douglas Reynholm moment:

    19. This way of dealing with an emergency:

    20. As well as this way:

    21. This Donald Trump prediction:

    22. And of course, this utterly perfect promo:

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