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How Much Of A Makeup Addict Are You?

How serious is your problem?

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  1. Tick everything you've done.

    Tick everything you've done.

    Worn makeup every day for a week.
    Worn makeup most days since you learnt how to put it on.
    Can apply cat-eye liner with no difficulty.
    Can contour perfectly.
    Can apply a flawless base with ease.
    Can line your lips immaculately.
    Can apply false lashes with no difficulty.
    Refuse to ever cry so as not to ruin your makeup.
    Can name at least eight Mac lipstick shades off the top of your head.
    Can recognise and name every MAC lipstick shade.
    Describe your skin tone in reference to Mac foundation shades.
    Have a stockpile of your favourite lipstick shade in case it ever gets discontinued.
    Have paid ridiculous shipping fees and import tax for makeup you can only get abroad.
    Have at least three lipsticks in your bag at any given time.
    Also a concealer.
    Also several lip balms.
    Have a whole makeup kit with you at all times.
    Have given people mental makeovers when bored.
    Have given people actual makeovers.
    Have been very touched when someone trusted you enough to let you do their makeup.
    Someone complimenting your makeup makes you like them 1,000% more immediately.
    Are addicted to watching makeup tutorials.
    Watch makeup tutorials with no intention of re-creating them – you just find them calming.
    Curse how limiting masculinity is because you know a lot of men with eye shapes with would really suit a cat-eye liner.
    Cannot resist a wander around makeup counters at any given opportunity.
    One of the highlights of travelling is the makeup counters in duty-free.
    Going abroad also means prioritising going to pharmacies and department stores to stock up on makeup that isn't available at home.
    Have over 10 makeup brushes.
    Have over 20 makeup brushes.
    Have lost count of your makeup brushes.
    Have a specific brush-cleaning ritual.
    Actually enjoy cleaning your makeup brushes.
    Dread cleaning your makeup brushes, but ~love~ applying makeup with clean brushes the next day.
    Have a Boots points card.
    Have a Liberty points card.
    Have a Debenhams beauty card.
    Have every beauty loyalty card there is to be had.
    Can't leave Boots without getting at least a lipstick, even if you only went in for some paracetamol.
    Will try any beauty hack at least once.
    "Baking", "strobing", and "Naked" mean very different things to you than they do to most people.
    You've tried strobing.
    You've tried baking.
    You've tried clown contouring.
    You've tried tape contouring.
    You've tried lip contouring.
    Have a Pinterest board dedicated to makeup looks.
    Have several Pinterest makeup boards organised in some specific way.
    Hoard eyeshadow palettes even if you already have similar ones.
    Believe that no two lipsticks are identical, hence why you must hoard them.
    Hoard makeup in general.
    Have rocked more ~high fashion~ looks like blue mascara or black lipstick.
    Have rocked those ~high fashion~ looks during the day.
    Have rocked those ~high fashion~ looks to business meetings.
    Are on at least one endless quest for the perfect foundation/mascara/nude lipstick/nude nail polish.
    Have a few makeup products you will never throw away because the packaging is too pretty.
    Have limited edition makeup products that you will never use because they're too pretty to spoil.
    Can correctly pronounce Guerlain, Lancôme, Shu Uemura, Caudalie, Illamasqua, and L'Occitane.
    Can spell them correctly, too.
    Have several ~holy grail~ products you'd be lost without.
    If anyone asks you for recommendations you could talk endlessly.
    Have written at least one online review for a product.
    Have an obsession with beauty trends.
    Have tried some bizarre beauty products.
    Have documented yourself trying those bizarre products and left a review of them.
    Have a Clarisonic.
    Have spent £30 or more on a lipstick.
    Have spent £35 or more on a foundation.
    Have spent £40 or more on an eyeshadow palette.
    Prefer not to think about how much you've spent on makeup.
    Would rather wake up slightly earlier and have enough time to do your makeup.
    Intend to be cremated because you don't trust anyone to do your makeup after you're dead.

How Much Of A Makeup Addict Are You?

Makeup is not something that interests you and you're totally OK with that. You would rather have a few more minutes in bed than fuss around with it in the morning.

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You're a beauty addict in the making. You're not quite ready to spend a good chunk of your paycheque on blusher, it doesn't mean you don't love applying and experimenting with makeup.

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You're a beauty heavyweight. You know all the brands and you have a recommendation for every type of product. If someone cut you, you would bleed Mac Sin. Or maybe Mac Media.

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