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    23 Pictures That Prove Horses Are More Relatable Than Humans

    Just horsing about.

    1. When you get home and there is only one thing you want to do:

    2. When you're hoping some of your friend's glamour will rub off on you:

    3. When your highlighter is on point:

    4. Whenever anyone asks you to do literally anything:

    5. When your parents just don't understand you:

    6. When you're a good and supportive friend:

    7. When you start to feel like your supportiveness is being taken for granted:

    8. When you and your friend go all out for Harry Potter World:

    9. When you're having a lazy day and need to pop to the shops but cba to change out of your pyjamas:

    10. When your parents have gone to the shops and you're just waiting for them to get back with all the snacks you requested:

    11. When it's been like an hour and your parents still aren't back with those snacks:

    12. When you're at peace with the world:

    13. Whenever you listen to Lana Del Rey:

    14. When you're low on potassium:

    15. When people think you can't see through their bullshit:

    16. When you're so good at everything that it actually starts to become a bit of a nuisance:

    17. When you finally achieve your hair goals:

    18. When you try to sneak out but don't really think it through:

    19. When you're adorable and no one can tell you otherwise:

    20. When you're sharing food and don't want any of the bits other people may have touched:

    21. When it's your day off and no one else is home and you let yourself be your truest, laziest form:

    22. When someone you fancy makes a joke that isn't really funny but you laugh anyway because they're cute:

    23. When you lie on your CV and actually get the job, then realise you have no idea what you're doing or how you ended up in this situation: