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The Water In London Is The Worst Thing About It And I Don't Understand Why No One Is Talking About It

This is a city built on limescale.

Look, London is an incredible city, there is no debating that.

I mean, yeah, rent is absurdly high, you're never more than 10 feet away from a rat, and you only see the sun five times a year, but it's still incredible!!

Luxury accommodation to let in East London. Spacious double room, well ventilated, close to amenities. £1,500pcm.

However, there is a downside to this city that no one ever seems to talk about, and that's just how gross the water is.

Fox Film Corporation

London is a super-hard water area, which means our water has way more minerals in it.

Not all areas of the UK however experience hard water. Some areas are renowned for having very soft water.

Which means that everything you love and hold dear will be covered in limescale.

@ReeceShearsmith @FacesPics @Hitchenor1609: The limescale in the bottom of my kettle thinks it's Halloween...

All tea in London tastes of delicious, delicious limescale and leaves these beautiful deposits.

Some people read tea leaves to know their future. I read limescale deposits.

It makes your hair feel gross and coarse because it leaves a weird residue.

My hair and skin after two weeks back in the North vs when I return to London water.

You never really realise what you're missing until you go up north and experience wonderful, soft water that isn't determined to make your hair look shit.

This sounds so superficial but my hair is so much better in Newcastle because of the water. London ruins it!! :(

London water means your iron always leaves lovely gifts of limescale residue on your freshly cleaned laundry.

And the water doesn't lather, so bath bombs just mean you'll be sitting in a tub of green water.

Fotostorm / Getty Images / BuzzFeed

And after you've finished your bath, you'll be left with a line of soap sud residue in your tub. Lovely.

Also, the water pressure is always crap and you can never get it the right temperature??

I mean, this is probably more to do with outdated historic infrastructure and just generally bad housing, but still.

And there is nothing we can do about it, because the Romans just decided that this gross water area is a good place to set up camp, and we just stuck with it ever since.

Duncan1890 / Getty Images / BuzzFeed

On the bright side, at least hard water has more calcium, so even if it makes our hair look gross, our teeth are better off!!

  1. Is the gross water in London a thing you've noticed?

    Is the gross water in London a thing you've noticed?

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Is the gross water in London a thing you've noticed?
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    No, I've literally never noticed and I don't care.
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    Yes, and I do not understand how we can create artificial intelligence and robots but we all still have to put up with limescale in our tea.
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    Now that you've mentioned it, it is super gross and I'm moving up north.
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    Stop moaning and just get a bloody water filter

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