Paul Rudd And Seth Rogen's Truly Bizarre Lay's Super Bowl Commercial Is A Sight To Behold

    "Ugh Lay's, brings back so many good memories."

    Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen are looking back on some golden times together in a truly ~memorable~ new Super Bowl ad for Lay's.

    Paul and Seth standing next to each other at a red carpet event

    The actors — who've long been friends and costars in movies like Knocked Up, This Is the End, and The 40-Year-Old Virgin — recently reunited for the chip company's first Super Bowl campaign in 17 years, aptly titled "Golden Memories."

    In a near-indescribable one-minute clip, Paul and Seth sit alongside each other before the latter's apparent wedding. "Ugh Lay's, brings back so many good memories," Seth says after Paul offers a bag to calm his nerves.

    We're then taken on a series of adventures and flashbacks that progressively become inexplicably more bizarre. It starts off normal and tame — there's a 1997 road trip where the two belt the lyrics to Shania Twain's "Still the One" while in a convertible.

    Afterward, there's the pair's "first real heart-to-heart," flashing back to the two breathing into Lay's bags during an apparent plane crash (or just some really terrifying turbulence).

    "Hey, do you remember when that stalker kidnapped us?" Paul says next. "Lay's was there."

    Naturally, their kidnapper offers them Lay's (because, right), which prompts Paul and Seth to bravely request other flavors.

    Seth asks for cheddar Jalapeño peppers and Paul asks for barbecue

    "Remember when we stumbled into that turf war?" Paul casually asks.

    At this point, we're shown a scene where Seth gracefully kicks a bag of chips into an antagonist's face. I literally can't describe it using human words, so here's a GIF of it below.

    The next scene flashes to Seth's first home purchase. Upon being greeted by a ghost worthy of The Conjuring or being The Haunting of Hill House's bent-neck lady's BFF, Paul immediately collapses.

    Meanwhile, Seth greets her with a warm, "Hi, I'm Seth!"

    "Those were good times," Paul says. "They were golden," Seth replies, referencing the company's tagline.

    Oh, and that wedding Seth was prepping for? It's to Ms. The Ring lady herself!

    The wild ride of a journey ends there, with a shower of golden Lay's chips for the happily married couple. "This is the best day of my life!" Seth yells before the ad ends.

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    The ad is set to air during the Super Bowl on Feb. 13. In the meantime, may I suggest greenlighting a Paul and Seth-starring horror rom-com?