26 Cringe-Inducing "Emily In Paris" Outfits That I Can't Stop Thinking About

    Every day, Emily Coop-air wakes up and chooses violence.

    Thank the powers that be for Emily in Paris Season 2. It's the show we love to hate. It's free therapy. It's...giving me that je nais se quoi!

    I truly never know where to begin with this show, other than the fact that it literally sustains me throughout my worst crises — of which there have been many. There's the dialogue, the titular character's (Lily Collins) borderline absurd pronunciation of common French words, the very white feminist marketing firm shenanigans...I could go on.

    Another noteworthy element: Emily's channeling of '90s barbie meets JoJo Siwa fashion that is so unfathomable to me, I felt the journalistic urge to document it all here. Before we get started, some rules: I'm only ranking Emily's non-casual attire (so, none of her workout fits), and since this is a worst looks list I won't be including her sparingly on-point ensembles (for example, the dress she wore to the ballet). Here we go!

    26. What beef does Emily have with plain clothing that has no prints (whether floral, polka, or otherwise)?

    25. Is it very stereotypically French? Yes. Does it work? Well...

    24. I'm very amused by this one, which is neither a good nor a bad thing.

    23. I WILL be issuing a cease and desist for Emily's belts.

    22. The 11-year-old in me is obsessed with this look.

    21. Kinda cute — if dated — but that hat is doing a lot.

    20. The belt strikes back.

    19. Get rid of the belt, and we might just have something!

    18. British Gossip Girl is the vibe I'm getting.

    17. Part 2.

    16. Two types of plaid patterns?! In the same outfit?!

    15. Sponsored by the Crayon factory.

    14. Avant-garde is "another word for ugly."

    13. One of the few times Emily's jackets disappoint.

    12. I am losing my patience with this woman.

    11. There's just SO MUCH going on here.

    10. Barbie meets 16 Candles meets 2007.

    9. This is very displeasing to me.

    8. Emily "Queen of Clashing Patterns" Cooper.

    7. Non, nON, NON, NoOOOOOOoOn.

    6. How fitting for this outfit to appear in the "Ringarde" episode.

    5. Pink and black is a good combo, but not like this.

    4. I don't ask for much, except — maybe — why?

    3. Excusez moi?!

    2. I need to rest my eyes.

    1. Seriously, seriously, what the actual [redacted] is going on here?!