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Jul 17, 2013

22 Ways Your Best Friend Is Actually Your Significant Other

Sorry you're not sorry.

Natalie Morin

1. You often would rather watch movies and order in than go out.

Columbia Pictures / Via

2. You cook for each other.

3. You show up together at parties.

Bravo / Via

And even bring the hosts a joint gift.

4. What's yours is theirs and vice versa.

I love it that my best friend and I can share clothes so we only have to buy stuff once



I love it that my best friend and I can share clothes so we only have to buy stuff once

5. You two have "your shows."

6. And if one of you watches the newest episode without the other, all hell breaks loose.

Bravo / Via

7. You know every intimate detail about each other — dietary restrictions, deepest secrets, middle names, etc.

Natalie Morin

8. You call each other pet names like "babe," "honey," and "boo."

And you tend to get creative.

9. You constantly refer to yourselves as "we."

10. You call each other's parents by their first names.

Natalie Morin

11. You make plans to "just cuddle" and sleep in each other's beds regularly.

12. And you definitely pretend to be dating when some creep is trying to hit on you.

NBC / Via

Even though it only works 40% of the time.

13. You're comfortable being naked around each other.

14. You share drinks and split meals.

Fox / Via

Why have one of a good thing when you can have half of two?

15. You two are listed as "In a Relationship" or "Married" on Facebook.

16. You have more pictures together than most married couples.

Natalie Morin

17. You give each other cute notes and gifts when one of you is sick or having a bad week.

18. If you haven't bought a pet together yet, you've seriously thought about it.

Keith Davenport / Via Flickr: sirwiseowl

19. You always talk about growing old together.

Nickelodeon / Via

And probably have a marriage pact already in place.

20. After reading this, you probably won't be ashamed to post this on your BFF's wall.

21. After all, you don't mind people thinking you're a couple...

22. Because, platonic or not, this is the best relationship you've ever been in.

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