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12 Amazing Destinations In The UK You Won't Find In Your Everyday Guidebook

You don't need to go overseas to discover new places and have an amazing adventure. Just jump in your XX, grab this list, and get exploring!

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1. Northern Lights, various places in Scotland

Forget flying off to Scandinavia - you can see the aurora borealis right here on our fair isles. You’ll just have to travel up to the very top of Scotland...which is quite far…but not as far as Norway.

7. Sky Garden, London

Firstly, who knew a building could be shaped like a walkie talkie? Secondly, who knew you could find a magical forest at the top of a building shaped like a walkie talkie? We knew, and that's why we are telling you about it.

9. Golden Hour, Edinburgh

Facebook: RealEdinburgh / Via Buzzfeed

Sunsets in Edinburgh are so darn beautiful, you may find yourself shedding a teeny weeny tear. Hike up to the top of Calton Hill, sit, watch, appreciate and feel all of the feels.

11. Dunnottar Castle in Aberdeenshire

doisneau / Via Thinkstock

This castle looks like you have stepped straight onto a set from Game Of Thrones. Note: When visiting this Winterfell wannabe, be sure to take a warm coat. When you are that far north, winter isn’t coming, its always there, 24/7.

12. Pizza Pilgrims, London

Let’s just say they should put both restaurants and the van in every single guidebook out there. We mean it. We want you to be flipping through your guide to Beijing and BAM, find a Pizza Pilgrims double page special. This is a pilgrimage worth making from every corner of the globe.

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