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10 Hacks To Fix The Things You Hate About Summer

It is time to finally call a truce with summer. These hacks are here to ensure your summer is only filled with sweet, sweet moments of joy - exactly like the ones had when enjoying XX.

Natalie Clark 4 years ago

Teenage British Slang As Guessed By A Grown-Up Mum

My teenage brother recently filled me in with some of London's latest slang. To test the generation slang gap, I asked my Mum what she thought some of the words meant. It is safe to say, she had no clue. Literally, nothing. Nada.

Natalie Clark 5 years ago

5 Simple Reasons Why Your Next Destination Should Be China

China is a country full of culture, history, passion and beauty, so this list should hopefully provide some inspiration as to where you should go on your next adventure *HINT HINT*. (...its China, btw, if that wasn't clear. You should go to China).

Natalie Clark 5 years ago