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    27 Things From Walmart That’ll Transform Your Backyard Into An Oasis

    The cozy retreat of your dreams is more in reach than you thought!

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A gorgeous tasseled hammock that brings chill bohemian vibes to basically any yard you set it up in, no fountain or plants required.


    Price: $47.97

    2. An outdoor side table cooler so you get to enjoy can after can of the ice-cold drink of your choice without trudging back inside to pull one out of the fridge.


    It holds 7.9 gallons and can keep drinks cold for up to 12 hours. There's a drainage plug in the bottom that you pull out when you're done using it!

    Promising review: "This is a very nice cooler, its perfect for our outdoor fire-pit area. Its very easy to open and move up and down. Even though it's not wood or rattan it does have that look, is well made, and doesn't look cheap!" —Gloria

    Price: $57.97+ (also available in three other colors, although without the rattan texture)

    3. A gorgeous seven-piece dining set because it'll help bring you one step closer to the incredible Nancy Meyers inspired–backyard you've always dreamed about.


    Price: $579

    4. Some outdoor café string lights so you can gently illuminate your porch or plants even after the sun has set.


    Price: $24.99

    5. A fold-flat serving cart that you can stash away when you're not using it, then unfurl anytime you throw a dinner party or even just have a few friends over.


    Promising review: "I have to say I'm impressed with this cart. I wasn't expecting much for the price, but it is a good size, sturdy, and looks nice. Out of the box, the only thing I had to do was screw on the wheels and it was ready to go. The cart folds up to a small size for storage. It doesn't completely open flat—there's a very slight bend in the shelves where it folds. But for the price, it's fine with me. Looking forward to using this on the deck!" —CabinAdventures

    Price: $70.73+ (two colors available).

    6. An aboveground pool — honestly, is any true oasis complete unless you have some water to splash around in at the end of the day?


    Promising review: "We purchased the pool for our small children, four and two years of age. It is perfect for them, and we parents have a good time too! We bought a nice ladder for it, and figuring out the chemicals has been simple. The filter works great! It took us approximately 30 minutes to put it together with two people. Just all around great purchase! We are in the pool daily." —Gaticam

    Price: $119.89

    7. A ceramic pot with a stand because even plants like dressing up every once in a while, especially when they get to be the center(piece) of attention.


    Promising review: "I liked this pot even more in person. I'm using it outdoors, but come cold weather, I will gladly move this inside and use it in my house. It's a great looking pot!" —nikk

    Price: $29.99+ (available in two sizes)

    8. A wall (or fence!)-mount fountain that will greet you every time you come home with the sound of soothing water (and perhaps cover up the sounds of traffic coming from the nearby highway).


    Promising review: "Nice look and good quality. Relaxing sound on my patio. I would buy this again." —Bonnie

    Price: $185+

    9. A self-watering planter so you can enjoy happy plants even if you don't have an especially green thumb.


    Promising review: "I really like the water from the bottom feature. It helps prevent over or under watering which makes for a much healthier plant. I actually have one of this style of planter that I have had an ivy plant in for over 10 years and it's still going strong." —Barbara

    Price: $15.95

    10. A classic Adirondack chair because they were literally designed for kicking back and relaxing while on vacation, and IMO any backyard can benefit from a little bit of that.


    Price: $69.97

    11. A set of two bamboo lanterns so you can enjoy the soft flicker of candlelight as you dine ~al fresco~ — even if your meal happens to come from a drive through.


    Still counts!!

    Price: $87.58

    12. A palm-print indoor/outdoor rug because if you don't happen to have lots of trees lining your patio, you can at least pretend you're in Miami, watching the shadows cast by the sun.


    Promising review: "Very impressed by both the quality and appearance of this rug. The weather resistant fiber is sturdy yet soft underfoot and there was no flaws whatsoever in the construction. It's indeed nice enough for indoor use as well. The tropical green leaf motif really pops on my porch, providing a comfortable footing under my daughter's hanging swing chair, and my dogs love to lie on its thick surface and sunbathe in the morning sun. I blow off any debris easily with a leaf blower, and sprayed off some muddy dog footprints with a hose, then hung the rug on the pool fence, where it dried in a few hours. Really great for the price, zero issues, and I highly recommend." —jappers

    Price: $59+ (available in 6'x9' and 8'x10')

    13. A macramé swing that's practically begging you to hang it from a sturdy tree limb, then curl up in it with your favorite book.


    Price: $45.93

    14. And a set of two outdoor accent pillows to add a bright touch of color to your little slice of reading nook paradise.


    Just remember to stash them somewhere dry when it rains!

    Price: $16.99 for two (also available in lime green)

    15. A MidMod steel chiminea that will make you perfectly toasty s'mores as often as you want them, and give you the ideal excuse to spend more time outdoors even after the temps drop again in a few months.


    Promising review: "Assembly was very simple. Emanates a lot of heat so it's great for cool nights, but you might not want any small children around if they are adventurous. We wanted to push the smoke out of our screened-in patio so we added piping to the chimney, it was easy and works great!" —Dawn

    Price: $107.67

    16. Or a push-button gas fire pit because you know you'll be 100% more likely to use it on a regular basis if you don't have to like, keep firewood stocked and regularly build a fire.


    Promising review: "Can't beat this fireplace for this price. We bought 10 pounds of blue fire glass instead of using the lava rocks and it looks amazing. I put it together by myself in about a hour while my husband worked on something else. I never put anything together and found this easy. Definitely recommended." —AmndRDH

    Price: $199 (And you can get the blue heat-treated fire glass for $23.88.)

    17. A nine-foot cantilever shade umbrella, which means it can adjust to lots of different angles so no matter where the sun's coming down, you can block it without having to move things around too much.


    You do need *something* weighted to hold the base down, but heavy pots should work! (You can also get umbrella weights that you fill with water; they're $115 for a set of four.)

    Price: $98.99

    18. An outdoor misting kit because you've audibly wished, while standing in line at Six Flags, that you could have something so refreshing to enjoy in your very own yard.


    It comes with 10 feet of "feed line" (which you hook up to your water), 12 feet of "mist line" (where the actual misters are), six hook nails for hanging, and six misters. That's one for every two feet!

    Price: $14.18

    19. A 50-gallon storage bench that both provides extra seating and lets you stash away your any random potting supplies, kids toys, or basically anything that makes your yard feel cluttered.


    Promising review: "This looks great by my back door on the patio. I have my garden tools, pots, chemicals, watering cans, peat moss, spraying equipment, etc. out of sight. The place looks tidy and it works out great. Very happy with it. Easy assembly for a woman living alone. " —Dianne

    Price: $59

    20. A four-piece teak conversation set so even a small patio can feel like a private deck at your favorite island getaway.


    Promising review: "So pleased!! This was super easy for me to put together. The quality is much better then I expected for the price. I would have expected this set to cost over a grand if I just saw it at the store." — Shopmama2014

    Price: $377.95++ (available in four colors)

    21. A 50-gallon rainwater barrel that you can hook up to your gutters, then use the runoff from your house to keep all your flowers and veggies lush as can be. If lots of happy growing things isn't oasis-like, I don't know what would be!


    It has a mesh screen to filter out bugs and debris, and resists mildew so you don't have to worry at all about using the water even if it's been a couple of weeks. Note that you probs won't be able to hook a hose up to it, though; it's better to fill up a watering pail.

    Promising review: "These rain barrels, after going through quite a lot of expanding and contracting in the hot Florida sun and being filled up and emptied, have so far held up quite well. The only words of advice I have is that the mesh grate on top is bigger than the actual drain hole where the water goes in. The mesh is so small that it can restrict water going in during a downpour. To alleviate this I used a jigsaw and widened the hole in the top to let more water in. Installation was a snap and I am very happy with my purchase." —Andrew

    Price: $80.79+ (available in four colors)

    22. A pack of all-purpose plant food because fertilizer can also help to make plants happy, and even one or two flourishing plants can transform even the tiniest corner into a mini-retreat.


    Promising review: "I fed the flowers I planted this year Miracle-Gro (religiously!) every weekend and they filled in perfectly. I actually entered my house in a local contest for The Most Improved Curb Appeal and I won! I have to give Miracle-Gro a lot of credit because all the colorful flowers made my yard look wonderful. I had a ton of wonderful tomatoes too. Thank you Miracle-Gro! It does everything it claims to do!" — jgksmom

    Price: $8.31 per pack (each of which lasts about two weeks).

    23. Some 12"x12" interlocking deck tile so you can cover up that eyesore of a concrete patio with something nice, but stay precisely on budget (and save your energy for more important things, like swimming).


    They're made of a super durable composite wood that you can wash off with the hose. No matter your skill level you can put this together — they simply lock in with one another.

    Price: $4.29 per one square foot–tile.

    24. And, speaking of eyesores, a four-panel screen enclosure that sets up in under 30 minutes and blocks your AC, compost pile, or trash cans from view *without* being a huge pain to install.


    The panels are supported by thinner wire stakes on either side/in the creases; each stake inserts into the ground, and holds the entire thing up.

    Promising review: "I needed to hide an air conditioner on side of my house. These panels work great. They are sturdy and attractive." —Suzanne

    Price: $79 (also available in white)

    25. A set of butterfly wind chimes so you can enjoy its gentle sounds... not to mention have something to gaze at instead of y'know, scrolling through your phone for the sixtieth time.


    Promising review: "The chime I have is in a high wind area (off of a river). Although the chime often gets twisted, it is easy to untangle. The chime is subtle and the butterflies are well placed. It has a nice patina like finish and moves well in lighter breezes." —Mike

    Price: $20

    26. A set of eight solar-powered pathway lights that will help you squeeze in several extra hours of outdoor time with their gentle glow. (Or at least keep you from tripping on your way back inside!)


    Promising reviews: "Well made, heavy as the globes are glass, reflects a nice glow and pattern on the front lawn." —Sadie

    "I did pay a little extra but it looks like good quality and should last a long time. They even came with batteries that you could replace, when needed." —John

    Price: $55.56

    27. Some fabulously retro poolside chairs and a two-tier umbrella so you can pretend you're a movie star from California in the 1960s for the rest of the summer.


    You guys, I want these SO. MUCH. (And like, a place to put them because they're not about to fit in my tiny NYC studio.)

    Prices: $164.99 for the umbrella (available in two colors) and $339.99 per chair (available in three colors).

    You to your backyard and patio, when you step out to enjoy a warm summer evening:

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    The reviews in this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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