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    29 Useful Products That'll Actually Make A Big Difference This Winter

    Lower temps call for smart solutions.

    1. A pair of fleece-lined tights because you shouldn't have to give up on wearing all your favorite dresses just because the temperature dropped below freezing.

    2. And jeans with built-in fleece because trying to prevent your long underwear from bunching up while you put on jeans takes the kind of patience and time that I, for one, do not have.

    3. A fabric shaver to cut all the pills off your favorite sweaters and other winter knits in no time, so they look perfectly brand new again.

    4. A five-window insulation kit that'll put a stop to any drafty cold air that might leak through, so your heat doesn't have to work so hard *and* you save $$ on energy bills.

    5. And a draft guard to do the same for any gaps under your front door (and back door, and side doors, depending on how big your place is).

    6. Plus a pack of foam socket sealers that'll stop any last little bits of determined cold in its tracks for very little effort or money.

    7. A mini pop-up tent designed so you can watch your kids' sports games but still stay warm and sheltered from the rain, snow, and wind.

    8. A pair of touchscreen gloves with knit-in metal threads on its thumb and two fingers so you can use your phone and keep your hands toasty warm at the exact same time.

    9. A miniature portable light therapy lamp with 10000 LUX (a measure of ~illuminance~) to help revive your energy levels after the sun sets at like, 4:30 in the afternoon (because winter, sigh).

    10. A refillable hand warmer that's perfectly pocket-sized and lasts for up to 12 hours to keep your digits toasty even when Jack Frost doesn't seem to want to give you a break.

    11. Or a rechargeable hand warmer that doubles as a backup phone battery, if pouring fuel into a pocket-size container sounds a little messy.

    12. A dual-handled snow shovel designed to give you the maximum amount of leverage, which means you'll be able to clear your front sidewalk with basically half the effort and in half the time.

    13. A polar fleece blanket perfect for adding an extra layer of warmth to your bed between your sheet and duvet, so you can stay cozy all night long without having to crank up your heat too much.

    14. A personal-size heater you can take with you literally wherever you go (school, work, the car...wherever you'll have a USB setup).

    15. A lip balm that will protect your kisser from the harsh wintry air you encounter every time you step outside.

    16. And an extra-moisturizing hand cream to overcome the cracked, peeling dryness that plagues almost everyone's hands thanks to dry air and the indoor heating that makes it even drier.

    17. A phone power bank because through the summer and fall you've somehow forgotten how quickly any weather below 50 really drains your cell phone's battery.

    18. A 24-pocket over-the-door organizer perfect for stashing all your gloves, hats, scarves, and other accessories you have to layer on before you head outside.

    19. A windshield ice cover so you (hopefully!) don't ever have to scrape ice off your the most important car window ever again.

    20. Or a giant foam snow broom specifically designed to push layers of the fluffy white stuff off your car, if that's the trouble you deal with most.

    21. A set of four shower curtain clips to help keep the steam in and the cold air out for as long as possible, because the worst way to end a warm shower is with a blast of chilled air.

    22. A rich moisturizing cream you can slather on when your skin's upset by the endlessly dry air from the indoor heat and the outdoor, well, winter.

    23. A pair of super cozy fleece shoe inserts to make your old loafers new again — and to keep your toes snug so they don't complain even a little bit when you venture out to walk the dogs.

    24. And several pairs of merino wool socks because you can't have fuzzy insoles in every pair of shoes, and your toes will still want to be warm all winter long.

    25. A heated toilet seat that's kind of hilarious to consider, but that your butt just might really appreciate on January mornings when the temps drop below zero and your HVAC system has trouble keeping up.

    26. And a pack of two warming seat covers for your car so you can be at least a little more comfortable while you wait for your engine to warm up enough to turn on the "real" heat.

    27. A bottle of wool freshener and deodorizer, so you can put off the dry cleaners (or, gasp, hand-washing) for your sweaters and coats just a little bit longer.

    28. Two ~toasty~ hand warmers powered by USB because you have enough on your plate finishing up all your papers and finals without having to deal with chilly fingers.

    29. A cool-mist humidifier that will work to combat dry nose (which can cause nosebleeds!) and allergies to dust, dander, the Christmas tree and other gunk that you're exposed to only in the cooler months.

    You all winter, with the help of these products:

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