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    27 Useful Products That'll Save You So Much Money On Groceries

    Save a lot by spending just a little.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI β€” prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. The ~Guac-Lock~, which squeezes all the air out of your guacamole so you don't have to scrape off a brown-ish layer when you go to eat the leftovers.

    2. A filtered produce-saver container that actually does keep berries, lettuce, cucumbers, and all sorts of fruits and veg fresh for two full weeks.

    3. Or a pack of fenugreek-infused sheets of paper β€” when you use them to line a bag or box with your produce, it'll encourage all of it to last longer. (They're compostable and recyclable, to boot.)

    4. An easy-to-use iced coffee maker so you can transform regular old ground coffee into delicious cold brew concentrate overnight, and break your habit of buying several of those glass single-serve bottles to drink through the week.

    5. And coffee jar that's not-only air-tight but also partially vacuum-sealed, so you can count on incredibly fresh beans every single morning β€” no matter how you brew your coffee.

    6. Some reusable K-Cups you can fill with your own ground coffee, if you love your Keurig. Besides helping with that grocery bill, they'll also cut down on your landfill contribution!

    7. A reusable silicone bag β€” you can buy a few once then use them for years, saving both the planet (from the plastic) and your wallet (from buying things you just end up throwing away after one use).

    8. A sweet little brown sugar bear who can revive rock-hard brown sugar and keep fresh brown sugar from ever reaching its personal stone age.

    9. A fresh herb keeper that makes storebought or freshly-cut herbs last for up to ten days longer than they would have otherwise, so you can go ahead and buy that rosemary for tonight's dinner but still have time to figure out what *else* you're going to do with it, before it goes bad.

    10. A roll of durable, reusable, and machine-washable bamboo paper towels β€” a single roll of these can replace *sixty* rolls of regular paper towels for seriously less $$ than those sixty rolls would cost you.

    11. A pack of reusable, flexible wraps to help you prolong the life of your partially-used produce without reaching for disposable plastic wrap or foil.

    12. Or a set of silicone Food Huggers that'll cuddle up to your cut produce in ways that plastic wrap never could even dream about.

    13. A pack of five air-tight dry goods containers to keep pasta, flour, beans, cookies, and whatever else you have in your pantry tasting just as fresh as the very first day you bring it home from the store even weeks and weeks later.

    14. A rice stocker with a handy spout and measuring-cup lid for quickly and easily pouring out the exact amount you need.

    15. A cute bacon saver because sometimes you don't want to cook the full pound all at once. It can be nice to have a fresh slice or two every morning, plus then you get to fry your eggs in the leftover fat.

    16. A bottle emptying kit that makes it easy to both enjoy every last bit of and get your money's worth for all your favorite condiments.

    17. A ventilated, expandable bread keeper so you can always enjoy perfectly fresh-tasting carbs no matter how many days it's been since you bought or baked your loaf.

    18. An air-tight powdered/confectioner's sugar container with a sifter in the lid, so you can easily add a dusting of sweetness to cakes, brownies, strawberries, or whatever your heart desires.

    19. A butter dish with tablespoon markings directly on it so you can slowly make your way through a stick of butter without it A) drying out and B) absorbing all the other flavors in your fridge.

    20. Or little caps that you can stick directly on the end of a partially-used stick of butter so THAT doesn't dry out, if you prefer to keep the wrappers on.

    21. An unglazed ceramic garlic keeper β€” it helps absorb some of the extra humidity around it so you can use one or two cloves and count on the rest staying fresh for several weeks.

    22. Some cheese paper specifically designed to make sure your favorite ~fancy~ snack gets the ideal amount of humidity to stave off the dual threats of dryness and (undesirable) mold.

    23. A wine saver that vacuums all the extra oxygen out of your partially-finished bottle so it still tastes delicious up to a week after you open it.

    24. A cake keeper because sometimes cake's a grocery, and you want to be able to enjoy a single slice each night of the week.

    25. An ethylene-gas absorber shaped like an apple that sits in your fridge (or even in your fruit bowl) and dramatically extends the life of (you guessed it!) all kinds of produce.

    26. Some durable Jetz-Scrubz sponges β€” they will literally be the only kitchen sponges you'll need from now until *next* summer. Yes, that means these three sponges can last you twelve full months or longer.

    27. A filtered water bottle so you don't have to lug around those bulk packages of single-use plastic bottles anymore. Each single filter can replace about 300 of those store bought bottles!

    You, saving SO much money over time (not to mention helping to reduce food and plastic waste at the same time):

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