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    29 Problem-Solving Products You'll Wish You'd Known About Sooner

    Smart solutions to all your (small) problems.

    1. A hair clip multi-tool with seven different functions so whether you're camping, working, or just enjoying beers with friends, you'll have a little gadget you can rely on to tackle all kinds of small challenges you run into in your life.

    2. A sinus rinse because this spring's allergies are only just now getting into full swing, and this makes flushing pollen and other gunk out of your system quick and simple.

    3. And a pollen-, dust mite-, mold-, and pet dander-busting detergent that just might make all the difference if your regular allergy medicine just can't do the job on its own.

    4. A pair of snug, long-lasting heel caps that make it about ten thousand times easier to walk on gravel, dirt, mud, and grass in your favorite pumps, whatever type of fancy outdoor party you happen to attend.

    5. A gel nail polish + top coat so you can give yourself a salon-quality manicure that absolutely lasts and looks good for over a week, no touch-ups necessary.

    6. A hydrocolloid acne patch variety pack that will absorb an unbelievable amount or the oil and gunk lurking in your zits until they basically disappear, or at least have been significantly shrunk and diminished.

    7. A splatter screen to stop the grease from bacon (or steak, potstickers, or anything else you need to cook uncovered) in its tracks, so it doesn't coat your stove, clothes, and counter in a thin sheen.

    8. And to further protect your stove from mess: a boil-over safeguard that you can set on top of any at-risk pot to buy yourself at least a few extra moments to run over and turn the heat down.

    9. A drain clog remover whose tip's coated in tiny little hooks that grab tight on all the gunk and hair lodged deep in your pipes, then effortlessly extract it all so your sink and tub work normally again.

    10. The Tidy Cup, a handy little invention that catches all those excess little drips your mega-sized laundry detergent + softener bottles like to leave for you to discover on your shelves later.

    11. And a set of rubber anti-vibration pads designed to stop your washer from making a racket (sometimes rocking itself forward several disturbing inches) each and every time it runs the spin cycle.

    12. The Sock Dock — use this consistently, and you will *never* see a sock separated from its matching mate *ever* again. Plus you'll be able to fold all your socks in basically no time at all.

    13. The Furminator if you have a dog who constantly sheds and / or seems to be going through an extreme spring molt. This will extract a bunch of hair your doggo might have otherwise left all over your sofa, your clothes, and your bed, and deposit it in the trash in one fell swoop.

    14. A set of three tick spoons because it never hurts to be prepared, especially if you have any hiking or outdoors-y time planned now that it's officially spring.

    15. A pair of vegan leather Straplets — they fit over almost any pump, and will securely hold your feet in so you don't slip around in your shoes, or accidentally just like, step out of them.

    16. A pack of two bra wallets perfect for those times when you want to keep your money somewhere safe but accessible — or as the ideal discreet spot to stash your insulin pump.

    17. Three sterling silver magnetic clasps that clip onto any necklace so you can stop fumbling around and instead snap your vintage-'90s first-name necklace on as easily and instantly as they do in the movies.

    18. A set of anti-chafe lace bands that'll let you walk in your dresses all day without a single peep from your thighs.

    19. A picture-hanging tool to take all the stress out of hanging a gallery wall (or even just one shelf or frame). It's basically a tape measure with a built-in level and two slidey points designed for effortlessly marking the precise spots where you need to hammer your nails.

    20. Some self-adhesive sliding webcam covers because you regularly like to video chat with friends and family, but don't want anyone nefariously spying on you the moment you hang up.

    21. The Sidewinder, which is designed to tame your unruly MacBook cable so it stays nice and neat whether it's in your bag or under your desk. It can wind both ends up into its circle in less than five seconds!

    22. A bottle of full-spectrum sunscreen you won't hate wearing every single day, because it's formulated to be lightweight and hydrating without being greasy, even for people with oily skin.

    23. A heat-resistant curling- or flatiron mat that doubles as a convenient travel wrap, so you can just drop your favorite tools back in your drawer or immediately stuff them into a suitcase without worrying they'll melt or scorch anything.

    24. A waterproof phone pouch because phones are not only too important and too expensive to risk having to replace in the middle of your vacation / lake trip, but are also the only camera most of us carry around!

    25. A belt made with full-grain leather, aka a thick single piece that won't break, tear, crack, fray, or split, even if you wear it every single day, year in and year out.

    26. A pair of illustrative fan chain pulls because it's rather annoying when you accidentally turn on the fan — and have to click it through all three settings until it turns off again — instead of switching off the light.

    27. A pair of adjustable elastic laces — if you hate tying your shoes or your shoes always come untied, they're ready to turn pretty much any laced shoe into a basic but secure slip-on situation.

    28. A pack of slow-dissolving standing-water dunks to kill mosquito larvae before they can grow into full-fledged adults. Each day the weather gets warmer brings us one step closer to peak mosquito season, and this will help nip it in the bud.

    29. A mildew stain remover you can enlist to make last year's outdoor cushions, pillows, and other fabrics look brand new again.

    It feels good to solve a bunch of problems all at once:

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