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    25 Hilarious April Fools' Ideas People Have Actually Tried

    Warning: Excellent prank inspiration ahead.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to send us their best April Fools' pranks. Here are their hilarious (and totally stealable) stories.

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

    1. A gooey hand sanitizer swap:

    u/LetterExperiment230 / Via

    "One of my coworkers is a germaphobe, so I replaced the hand sanitizer with lube and added some green food coloring to make it actually look like the sanitizer that was originally in the bottle. He was so confused when it wouldn't rub into his hands." —molliem49931721d

    See one Redditor's version of this prank here.

    2. A brilliant Phil Collins closet door hack:


    "When I was 17, I had one of those sliding-door closets. One day the strangest thing started happening: Every time I slid the door open, 'You'll Be in My Heart' by Phil Collins would start playing.

    "My room was a mess so I just chalked it up to being something inside or around my closet. A few months later, my mom came in and asked me why that song was playing. I casually shrugged it off with "It always does that, yada yada yada." She burst out laughing and slid the doors to reveal the speaker from one of those musical greeting cards taped in between them. Apparently my sister had 'installed' the feature between the doors." —Erin Jacobs, Facebook

    3. A mouth-numbing morning:, Lucasfilm

    "I put Orajel on my mom's toothbrush, and she started slurring her words because her tongue was numb. I laughed so hard I cried. She thinks it's hilarious. Tells her friends all the time." —ericah48ea9db16

    4. A reversible keyboard trick:

    "This kid that was in my class rearranged three computer keyboards to say 'APRIL FO01S!' The teachers figured it out and the kid got in trouble, but it was freaking hilarious." —fnchdarcy

    5. A sweet dinner surprise:

    Rachel Farnsworth /, Kellogg's

    "I made dinner backwards: For dinner I made a Cocoa Krispies 'meatloaf' with vanilla icing 'mashed potatoes' and green Skittles instead of peas. Then for dessert I made a meatloaf cake that looked like a regular two-layer cake — it was frosted in mashed potatoes and had a veggie filling." —Donna Jo, Facebook

    (If you want to try this at home, you can get a full April Fools' Day menu of recipes from The Stay At Home Chef. )

    6. A classic sink situation:

    "Oldie but a goodie: I use clear tape to push down the button on the spray nozzle of the kitchen sink, and carefully aim it. Next person who uses the sink gets sprayed! I've done this to my brothers growing up and twice to my husband and kids! 😂" —Victoria Olson, Facebook

    7. An efficient double whammy:

    "One year I went to my mom's office and left the classic 'Sorry I hit your car' note on her windshield. I also put a friend's number on it, and didn't tell the friend. Worked like a charm." —Jai Kouma, Facebook

    8. An AD dead dove joke with a happy ending:


    "My sister and I are both huge Arrested Development fans. I used her spare key to sneak a brown paper bag into her freezer, with the words 'Dead Dove Do Not Eat' written on the outside. She refused to open it, so I got to enjoy the Dove chocolates inside." —lilas4b5f6c119

    9. An elaborate wrapping job:


    "My brother and I wrapped my little brother's truck in leftover Christmas paper." —katw46e15b743

    (^^ That's the actual picture. Omfg.)

    10. A (clean) porn joke:

    11. A small candy surprise:

    "I carefully opened a box of Nerds, poured about half out, and filled it back up with Pop Rocks. Then I glued the end closed and gave them to my friend who loves candy. Later in the day he walked around offering Nerds to other employees and their faces were priceless." —chantalponcedel

    And other swaps for sweet-toothed friends:

    "I'll typically replace an Oreo's cream filling with baking soda toothpaste..." —gina1912

    "I had a roommate who LOVED caramel apples, so I decided to 'make' some for him. Except I used onions instead of apples. He was so excited and took a big bite then promptly ran to spit it out..." —bksday

    12. A coin conundrum:

    "Super-glued various denominations of coins to the ground of the veranda of our high school and watched as people tried to pick them up. It was hilarious." —Amanda Flower, Facebook

    13. A small bathroom surprise:

    "Fiancé said he had to poop, so I asked him to let me pee real fast first. Covered the toilet seat in baby oil for him. When he sat down he almost broke the toilet seat! 😂 He got me back a week later with baby powder in my hair dryer." —Cierra Shelton, Facebook

    14. And a messier bathroom surprise:

    "As a kid, my little brother was notorious for never putting the seat up when he peed. I'd go to use the bathroom, and there would ALWAYS be pee on the seat. Big sis wanted revenge. I Saran Wrapped the toilet bowl on April Fools' Day."msdianaisabel

    "One time I put Saran Wrap on the toilet seat. My sister and I had just got home from taking a small walk when she needed to go to the bathroom... She ran in and completely made a mess of herself. I got yelled at but it was worth it!" —cammynguyen911

    15. A harmless glass of milk:

    "As a prank on our 4-year-old daughter, I served up an undrinkable glass of milk. I put a little milk into a glass with a straw in it and placed it into the freezer. Once frozen I topped it up with milk." — Deborah, Family Days Tried and Tested (where you can also find more prank ideas!)

    "My favorite prank ever was giving my 4-year-old his morning glass of milk and watching him discover it was frozen! He is almost 8 now and still giggles about it!" —nikkib425287cd6

    16. A surprise spider:

    "I cut out a piece of black construction paper to look like a giant bug and taped it to the inside of the lamp in my little brother's room. When he turned on his lamp, he screamed!" —andpeggy51

    17. Pretending to eat excrement?


    "My coworker at a lab I used to work at filled a urine cup with warm apple juice and shook it up so it looked frothy. He handed me the cup for a second (so I noticed that it was warm) then proceeded to drink it in front of me. I almost puked. So...that night I made some runny microwave fudge and put some in a (clean) stool container. At work the next day I scooped some out with my finger and ate it, and he actually puked! Sweet revenge!" —r46143bf89

    "My family was potty training a new puppy, who occasionally would poo in the house. So I melted a chocolate chips enough to mold them into a turd shape, froze it for a few minutes, and put it on the floor and asked my brother to clean it up. As he was reaching down for it, I picked it up with bare hands and took a bite out of it. The look of horror on his face was hilarious!" —kileyd4235c9d68

    18. A power company prank:

    "My sister, dad, and I turned all of the lights off in the house and put black tape over any digital readouts (from the microwave, stove, etc.). We lit two candles and sat at the dining room table playing cards by candlelight.

    "When my mom walked in and asked what we were doing, we told her that she forgot to pay the electric bill and they came to cut the power. She was completely floored...until she flipped the dining room light switch and the light came on! We all started laughing hysterically." —christineh30

    19. A citywide scandal:

    20. A trick for a 10-year-old:

    "I reset all the clocks in our house one hour ahead and woke our 10-year-old

    up in a panic telling him he was about to miss the bus. He raced downstairs and out the door. A few minutes later he comes back in tears saying he must have missed the bus. It. Was. Awesome. And he loved then having a whole hour to watch TV before he actually had to leave for school." —jodiecoxs

    21. A Matrix-level mall prank:

    Warner Bros.

    "You need at least three friends to help you and some poor stranger to play it on:

    * Go somewhere crowded like the mall or something.

    * Pick your victim.

    * Spread out and follow that person around, and periodically have each person you're with pass them and say, 'Wake up,' 'You're in coma,' 'This is a dream,' 'None of this is real,' etc.

    "Each prankster only makes contact with the victim once. All I can say is it's hilarious and the longer you're able to pull it out the better." —skailyr

    22. A celeb-face extravaganza:


    "I printed out hundreds of copies of this terrifying coloring picture of Liam Payne from One Direction and taped and hid them all over my brother's room. In his dresser, clothes, calendars, frames, pretty much anything. He was soooooo mad."



    "I slowly started replacing family photos in my house with Michael Phelps' famous angry face from the 2016 Olympics. My parents never knew." —melissaf4b26f5114

    23. A sisterly scavenger hunt:

    "When I was 11, I made my sister go on a long and laborious scavenger hunt (where each clue led to a piece of paper with a letter on it) and promised a big surprise. After she was done I arranged the letters to say 'April Fools!' I thought that that was the funniest thing ever at the time." —violetpetal

    24. A googly-eyed giggle:

    "When I was a kid, my mom put googly eyes on all of our posters and stuffed animals." —evanneh

    Check out all the ways one mom pulled this off on Home Again Jog.

    25. And of course a love story for the ages:


    "Our anniversary is April 1st. Didn't realize it for a few months but it is the perfect date for our anniversary. We have an ongoing joke that it's all a really drawn-out April Fools' prank. Love him completely and we are celebrating 2 years this weekend." —l471c7a54f

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