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17 Abandoned Places That Will Haunt Your Dreams

Photographer Stefano Perego spent 9 years traveling to abandoned sites. Here are a few of his most moving photos.

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4. Dreamland theme park in Nara, Japan

Stefano Perego

This park was built in 1961, inspired by Disneyland (which opened in 1955). But in 2006, low numbers of visitors forced it to shut its gates. (Spirited Away, anyone?)

6. Skeleton of a US Navy plane on the Sólheimasandur beach, Iceland

Stefano Perego

This Douglas Super DC-3 crash landed in 1973. The exact cause of the crash is unconfirmed, but everyone on board did survive.

9. Chiesa della S.S. Immacolata di Merate (also known as Oratorio di San Luigi) near Merate, Italy

Stefano Perego

Also used as a theatre, this old church was built in the early 1900s and only used for 60 years.

16. Chateau de Noisy (also known as Chateau Miranda) in Namur, Belgium

Stefano Perego

This decaying castle was built in 1866, then used as a summer camp starting in 1950. By 1991, it was too expensive to maintain. Read more about it's possible demolition here.

Stefano Perego is an Italian photographer who travels the world searching for abandoned buildings. You can follow him on Facebook here and on Flickr here.

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