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    33 Things You Need If You've Basically Never Cleaned Your Home Correctly

    Highly-effective basics you need to know about.

    1. A broom and dustpan set with an adjustable-height handle — it's best for sweeping up the daily dirt that seems to accumulate in your kitchen throughout the day (or week...or month, depending on how often you end up using it).

    2. And a handheld broom and dustpan that hook together for simple storage because sometimes you just spill a *little* bit and don't feel like pulling out the big set.

    photo of hands sweeping cheerios from a corner using the small, triangle-saped broom; the dustpan has teeth as well

    3. A telescoping microfiber flip mop, if you have wood, tile, laminate, or linoleum floors. The blue side picks up some dirt, dust, and hair (completely dry), then the white side uses just water to wipe up even more stubborn gunk.

    4. Or a pack of six machine-washable, 100% cotton flannel reusable Swiffer cloths, so you can have all the quick and easy convenience if you're a Swiffer stan, but with less waste and zero extra hand-washing effort.

    the rectangular white cloth with edges tucked into regular swiffer broom

    5. A powerful but inexpensive vacuum cleaner if you have any carpet or area rugs at all and don't already own a vacuum.

    6. And a carpet freshening powder because it'll deodorize the rug in your open-to-the-kitchen living room that's absorbed several years worth of cooking smells.

    the canister of powder, which contains baking soda, borax, and essential oils

    7. A spray bottle filled with your choice of all-purpose cleaner and a pack of reusable microfiber cloths, so you can go to town wiping down each and every surface that's even the littlest bit dusty or dirty.

    hands using the microfiber cloths to wipe down window and shower glass, car headlights, and stainless steel

    8. And a couple of bottles of disinfecting spray — while you def don't need to use this *everywhere* (or all the time), it's good to have around for occasions when you, say, accidentally drip some raw meat juices on your counter prepping some chicken thighs, but want to avoid contaminating your veggies with that bacteria.

    hand uses Purell Multi-surface disinfectant with a paper towel to clean up counter

    9. A fume-free oven cleaner that will erase the evidence of all those years of delicious baked goods (or, y'know, frozen pizzas and bacon) overnight.

    10. Or if you want something a bit less harsh: An oven scrub cleaner made from pumice, baking soda, sodium citrate, two kinds of plant-based cleaners, and eucalyptus, peppermint, lemon, and tea tree essential oils. It may require a tad more elbow grease, but it'll still get the job 100% done.

    11. A glass cooktop cleaning kit packed with everything you need to shine up even the messiest burner so it gleams like it did the day you moved in.

    12. A bottle of Bar Keeper's Friend because it can make so many things in your kitchen look brand new again: stained pots and pans, dull and scratched ceramic sinks, cooked-on grime on gas cooktops, tarnished shiny metal, rusty-looking stainless steel, and more.

    13. A mold and mildew remover made from a no-odor gel that sticks and stays to your grout and caulking, giving it the time it needs so it can actually do its job: banishing the grossness from your bathroom like it was never there.

    reviewer's moldy grout and caulk before, and then bright white after using product

    14. A pack of three disposable drain snakes to reach deep into your pipes and pull up that slimy hair monster who's been viciously blocking your tub and sink from draining freely.

    15. A high-quality toilet brush because if you don't own one already...well, they're the easiest way to keep your commode from getting gross.

    16. And a stamp-in gel — after your toilet's clean, this will KEEP it clean, no need to scrub on a regular basis. Just press it beneath the rim and let it do all the work.

    17. And once it's clean: A lemon-scented, citric acid–infused toilet bomb you can drop into your toilet bowl on a regular basis (like, once a week, depending on how hard your water is) will help cut down on the need to scrape lime scale or calcium buildup with a pumice stone. Swish once or twice, let it fizz for about five minutes, then scrub for a minute or so with a toilet brush.

    jar full of yellowish fizzy bombs in coin-shapes

    18. A carpet and upholstery stain remover so you can extract all kinds of dirt, rust, grease, food, and other stains that you haven't been able to get out using literally anything else.

    19. Or a solvent-based cleaner for any upholstery you have that has an "S" on its cleaning tag: like I explain above, "W" means you should use a water-based cleaner, so "S" means solvent cleaners are best!

    20. And for pet owners or parents, a stain and odor-eliminating spray for, erm, ~organic~ messes (think pee, poop, and vomit) because for those sorts of stains, you need enzymes — a type of bacteria — to feed on the ammonia to completely eliminate the smell. Other stain removers might help some, but without the enzymes in a spray like this one, that not-so-lovely stench will stick around.

    21. A soft cleanser that, with very little elbow grease, will eliminate years of built-up hard water stains on tile or glass, truly transforming your shower right before your eyes.

    22. A bottle of bathroom cleaner so you can scrub out every last bit of grime and soap scum from your tub and still have energy left to keep cleaning — or just enjoy life! — when you're done.

    23. And if you happen to have a jetted or hot tub: a cleaner scientifically engineered to eradicate the years of grimy buildup you didn't even realize was lurking in the pipes.

    24. A pack of six dishwasher tablets — running even just one will eliminate any buildup in your dishwasher *and* those stains it keeps leaving on your clean dishes.

    25. A daily granite cleaner to shine up any stone countertops you happen to have around your home, because some all-purpose cleaners (and anything with vinegar in it) can etch and damage the finish.

    model uses cleaner on granite so shiny you see their reflection

    26. An extendable microfiber duster that will help you reach your highest ceiling fans and the tops of cabinets without lugging out the ladder or pushing chairs around.

    27. A bottle of Goo Gone because it's essential anytime you have to tackle mysterious sticky substances like tape residue, old stickers (including bumper stickers), glue stains, and dried bits of that slime kids love so much.

    28. A finish restorer designed to eliminate heat rings, water marks, scratches, color fade, oxidation, and more from your favorite wood furniture — even on your wood kitchen cabinets.

    29. A metal polish so you can easily shine up door and cabinet knobs and other decorative objects, whether they're made of brass, copper, stainless, chrome, aluminum, pewter, or bronze.

    a reviewer's door knob before, looking dull and almost like the finish is chipped and dirty, then after, looking bright brass and shiny

    30. A leather stain remover spray because even though leather's usually relatively stain resistant, years with kids, pets, spouses, or just our own messy selves eventually take their toll, and this will basically give you a refund.

    31. And wood and leather balm just in case your favorite wood cutting board and your leather loveseat both look pale and dried out — rub some of this in to help hydrate both things so they look new.

    Reviewer's wood cutting board, half without oil looking pale, half with oil looking rich and conditioned
    Natalie Brown / BuzzFeed

    Humble Suds is a Denver, Colorado-based small business that carries their own line of cleaning products made from plant- and mineral-derived sources.

    I had the opportunity to try this, and now use it on a regular basis. I haven't tried it on leather yet — we don't have much of it around — but on the wood, my photos above really speak for themselves here! With very little effort (I spent maybe 10 minutes max fully oiling up the board and the two knives in the pic), you can prevent the risk that your treasured board or spoons will crack one day, *and* bring out the beauty of the wood. Just remember to rub it in with the grain! Let them all sit and soak up the balm's goodness overnight, then simply use a clean part of the cloth to rub off any excess that remains. It's a little sticky at first, but after wiping off the extra, all the wood becomes perfectly smooth and ready to help you prep your next meal.

    Promising review: "HIGHLY RECOMMEND!! This stuff is amazing! I spent the afternoon using this on all my cutting boards, my large leather couch, two leather chairs and ottomans, my wood end tables and coffee table, my wood island, wood entry church pew and finally, my leather purse. One container did all this work and everything looks so beautiful! And my house smells amazing. To top it all off, my hands are pleasantly conditioned too." —Sara Mora 

    Get it from Humble Suds on Etsy for $19.55.

    32. A wine stain remover that will make even dried, set-in spills vanish completely after just a spritz or two.

    Now go forth and make your entire home sparkle!

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