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    14 Anti-Chafing Products To Save Your Thighs From True Agony

    It's summer. It's hot. But thanks to these thigh solutions, you can skip the dreaded rubbing.

    1. A pair of breathable and moisture-wicking Thigh Society slip shorts that will guarantee your thighs stay comfortable even if you spend the entire day walking around outside.

    2. A set of sexy lace bands — they'll let you wear your favorite dress all night without a single complaint from your thighs.

    3. Some Chamois Butt'r, a cream made specifically for bicycling long distances that also happens to work incredibly well to prevent thigh chafe and foot blisters.

    Three bottles of the product

    4. Some stretchy, lightweight, under-$15 bike shorts because sometimes all you need is something nice and basic.

    5. A classic water- and sweat-proof balm so you can wander your favorite leisurely hiking trail or stroll down the boardwalk without inadvertently causing any raw sore spots.

    A hand holding the deodorant stick-shaped product before a hike

    6. A skin-smoothing roll-on liquid that you can keep in your car or bag without any worries it might melt, even in extreme heat.

    A hand applying the product to their achilles tendon

    7. A lace-edged maternity slip short because you deserve to be comfortable always, but especially when you're pregnant.

    A model wearing the high-rise short

    8. Some Lanacane anti-friction gel — a little goes a long way, so you can stash it in your pocket or bag and always be prepared the moment you realize the chafing's begun.

    List of benefits: "moisture proof, dries on contact", "helps prevent under arm chafing", and "non-staining/non-greasy"

    9. A pair of stretchy bike shorts that will serve you double duty: you can wear them both by themselves on the hottest of days, and under dresses whenever you need 'em.

    A model in the shorts, which come about 4 inches above the knee

    10. A powder gel because reviewers love it both as an anti-chafe solution *and* as a makeup primer.

    Two boxes of the Monistat Care powder gel

    11. A pair of supportive workout shorts with a) flat-lock seams that won't chafe, b) moisture-wicking quick-dry fabric to help with that summer s-w-e-a-t, and c) POCKETS so whether you wear 'em under something or just by themselves, you have a handy spot to stash stuff.

    12. An all-natural salve if you prefer something without silicones, which happens to be a primary ingredient many anti-chafing gels and balms.

    Squirrel's Nut Butter All natural Anti-Chafe Salve, in a a .75oz mini deodorant tube

    13. A pair of 100% cotton unisex trunks that come multiple prints, because who says you anti-chafe solutions can't be a little fun?

    14. A fragrance-free Neat 3B cream antiperspirant — it's easy to apply wherever you need it most and might also help protect against itchy fungal infections like athlete's foot.

    The tube of Body Saver Cream, which says it works for "Breasts, Buttocks, and Legs" and is  "Australia's No. 1 Selling Preventative Cream for Chafing"

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    You, chilling out with chafe-free thighs:

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