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    • nataliap45971b6ee

      My husband is like that. though he is hearing impaired, he likes doing little nice things for strangers. One time we were out on a date in Down Town, the White House park (we only JUST begun dating then and I didn’t know him well back then) we were walking down the street when this drunk middle age man was trying to cross a street with his bicycle, when he lost his balance, fell and couldn’t get up because the pedal of his bike got caught in his pants, and there were people walking down same side walk and they just past him snickering. My husband (boyfriend then) saw him, ran up to him helped him to his feet, and holding his bike with one hand and the drunk guy with the other, helped him cross the street, and get to the hotel he was staying at. We still don’t know the reason the guy was so drunk, but he didn’t look like a financially struggling man, could be something bad happened and he was in despair, I don’t know. All i know is that i was so touched by my new “boyfriends” kindness, and that was when I realized that this is the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with :D we’ve been married almost 8 years now, and he still haven’t disappointed me ^_^

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