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Here Is Definitive Proof That "Frozen" Is Literally The Same Movie As "The Lion King"

It's actually weird how well they line up.

Credit goes to Tumblr user marauders4evr for noticing this.

Both movies open with a chanting-like song in a different language.

Then, we meet the royal family.

Including the cute kids.

Of course, there's a horrible family tragedy.

Which makes the hero run away.

Where they then sing a showstopping number about being free.

Not realizing that everything at home is a super bummer.

Because there's a new evil guy who wants to be king.

Who knows exactly how to make the hero feel guilty.

Really guilty.

So the hero has to go back home and deal with the bad guy.

After s/he does, the kingdom returns back to normal.

And they live happily ever after.