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    45 Behaviours That You Will Recognise If You Went To An All-Girls School

    It was truly something straight out of "Looking For Alibrandi".

    1. Firstly, the uniforms were atrocious and blazers were often mandatory.

    2. And chances are, someone thought wide-brimmed hats were a vibe and added those into the mix.

    3. But that didn't stop us from doing our best to make them look cute.

    4. Which often meant holding up the bulk of your dress at your crotch so your knees would peep through.

    5. As well as trying to get away with ballet flats or Doc Martens instead of your regular school shoes.

    6. Of course, all this was for the off chance you ran into a ~male friend~ at the train station or bus stop.

    Robyn Kershaw Productions / Roadshow

    7. Most of us didn't have a social life that included members of the opposite sex.

    8. And if yours did, it probably meant that you were one of the more popular girls.

    9. As a result, most of our social skills were...somewhat underdeveloped. And our dating lives non-existent.

    10. Which meant that whenever there were boys on campus, everyone stopped and gawked.

    11. Although, your best chance of rubbing shoulders with them was at debating competitions — where sexual tension would ensue from across the bench.

    12. Or if you were a prefect or on the SRC — which meant you got to go to events with other schools.

    Robyn Kershaw Productions / Roadshow

    13. Saturdays were reserved for playing sport for your school.

    14. And there was always that one rival school that you simply HAD to beat.

    15. You had a school chant that you'd yell at the beginning and end of your games.

    16. If you had brothers or male cousins, you often went to their sporting games, too.

    17. Which was a good chance to mingle with boys your age.

    18. And if one of them was flirting with you, he'd offer you his sports jersey to wear so you didn't get cold.

    Robyn Kershaw Productions / Roadshow

    19. You belonged to a house, which had its own colour and was named after famous women from the school's history.

    20. Competing against the other houses at the swimming and athletics carnivals was an all-out war.

    21. But everyone took most pride in taking out the Spirit Award.

    22. You called your principal "Headmistress" — which your friends from other schools thought was weird.

    23. If you went to a Catholic school, there's a good chance you had nuns on campus.

    24. And you had to go to Mass during school time at your school's chapel.

    25. You've participated in many a "liturgical dance" — which often involved waving around coloured sheets to Enya songs.

    Robyn Kershaw Productions / Roadshow

    26. Going to mixed dances was literally the highlight of the social calendar.

    27. Although, there were a few that required you to wear your school uniform.

    28. Going to the movies with friends — or even, on a date (!!) — was a fashion show.

    29. And the outfits always consisted of a Supré singlet with some jeans or a denim skirt.

    30. Although usually, all you did was go to the shopping centre to watch a movie or go down the street for a milkshake and hot chips.

    Robyn Kershaw Productions / Roadshow

    31. In Year 12, everyone became obsessed with which uni they were going to go to.

    32. Because if you went to a private school, God forbid you'd end up anywhere other than Sydney or Melbourne Uni.

    33. Studying at the local public library became a social occasion — for which you straightened your hair and did your makeup, even if you were just wearing trackies.

    34. On the last day of Year 12, you left with your uniform signed by every single girl in your grade.

    35. And Muck Up Day was the day you looked forward to the most.

    36. Unless your school found a way to derail any fun you planned on having with threats of expulsion.

    Robyn Kershaw Productions / Roadshow

    37. When it comes to friendships, girls' schools did get pretty cliquey.

    38. Every group had their own "space" around the school where they'd congregate for recess and lunch.

    39. Unfortunately, there was often a divide between girls of different cultures and socio-economic backgrounds.

    40. If you didn't come from a rich, Anglo family, you often felt like you didn't belong.

    41. But thankfully, your group of girlfriends always had your back.

    Robyn Kershaw Productions / Roadshow

    42. Doing your final exams was one of the most nerve-wrecking and exhausting experiences of your life.

    43. And it didn't help that you were surrounded by 150 other squealing girls for 20 minutes before going into the exam hall.

    44. But you were glad that everyone else in your grade was there to share your feelings and hold your hand through it.

    45. And even though you would have liked to know what co-ed schooling was like, you're glad that you had the space to explore and develop into the woman you wanted to be.

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