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    10 Ways To Not Blow The Bank This Month, Even Though Christmas Is Bloody Expensive

    Because most of us will be broke before January if we don't get it together.

    Ahh Christmas, the season of merriment, gift-giving and debt accruement.

    To help keep your finances afloat during the holiday season, we've asked Paridhi Jain, founder of SkilledSmart, a Money School for adults, to tell us her top tips for staying money smart this Christmas.

    These are her words of wisdom.

    1. Plan, way ahead.

    2. Designate a separate Christmas fund.

    3. Set a budget and physically track how to spend it.

    4. Understand what sticking to your budget will mean for you.

    5. Give gifts that you don't have to buy.

    6. Host potluck parties instead of going out for Christmas celebrations.

    7. If you're going out, limit your alcohol.

    8. Pick up some extra gigs on the side.

    9. Grab second-hand bargains through online marketplaces.

    10. And finally, sell your old stuff to get some extra cash.

    What are your tips for staying money savvy during the holiday season? Let us know in the comments below!