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    15 Christmas Costs That You Never Expect Until It's Too Late

    Hi, yes, hello. For Christmas this year, donations will gladly be accepted.

    We all know that the Christmas season is upon us. Right about now, you've probably been bashed over the head a few times with that statement.


    You've probably also seen mentioned, somewhere, maybe on the internet, about the exorbitant costs of Christmas. But I'm here to talk to you about the sneaky little costs that you don't even remember spending your money on.


    1. First off, we have wrapping paper. It costs so much money just for some coloured, shiny paper and we only do it because Christmas movies have convinced us that it makes the presents look better under the tree.


    I mean it does look great β€” but when you're suddenly spending more than $100 the hype kind of dies.

    2. Plus, the wrapping paper decorations: Bows and ribbon and fancy boxes.

    Universal Pictures

    Because it's not enough to wrap a present. Noooooooo. We have to use fancy double-sided sticky tape, put 500 bows on it and then pop it in a box or a bag.

    3. Decorating your house, especially when it's your first year in a new place or with a new partner, is a black hole of money spending.


    I want the super pretty, matching pastel baubles, but I do not want them to cost this much.

    4. Secret Santa parties for all your friendship groups.


    At first, a Secret Santa party sounds great! But then you realise that you've been invited to five different ones from five different social groups and all of a sudden, your $20 budget has turned into a painful $100 spend.

    5. Extra baggage costs (from when your family buys you too many useless gifts and you have to lug them back home).


    Never has the phrase, "It's the thought that counts" ever been so wrong. Plus, you can't just throw the gift away, you have to wait the respectable amount of time before you regift it and that means paying the baggage cost to bring it home with you.

    6. Plus, posting Christmas presents overseas is a whole new ball game which you cannot afford tickets to.

    Disney / Pixar

    Even when you're regifting last year's presents, you still have to pay an obscene amount of moula to get them across the ocean.

    7. Random family events that no one tells you about until you get home.

    DreamWorks Pictures

    Somehow, I'm only home from Christmas Eve to Boxing Day and my mother still manages to jam in 50+ family events that all cost me money. HoooooooW?

    8. Tourist tax that is a very real thing when you're from a small town.


    During every other time, accomodation in town is cheap as chips. As soon as it turns to Christmas though, you bet I'm paying double for a single room.

    9. It's not just Christmas season. It's "catch-up with everyone you know and spend money season".


    Let's face it, Christmas is the only time of the year when you have the same days off as all your friends. So during your limited holidays you end up seeing everyone for coffee, lunch, brunch, yoga and drinks.

    10. Plus, with all of those catch-ups, travel cost is going to bite you in the butt.

    Hulu / NBC

    Doesn't matter if you take the train or Uber pool (let's face it we know you're uber-ing), the extra travel is going to drain your wallet.

    11. Children are multiplying and suddenly they're demonic in their want of Peppa Pig toys.

    The CW

    With your older family members you can sometimes agree on a "no present" Christmas, but the little toddlers running around definitely don't understand the concept. They want Peppa stickers and they want them now.

    12. Booze is always more expensive than you think it will be, mostly because you underestimate exactly how much you'll be drinking.

    Warner Bros

    Hey, you're on holidays β€” you're allowed to get happy.

    13. And if you're going to Christmas at your aunt's place, you bet that Barb has asked you to bring a plate.

    TV Land

    Even if she didn't β€” you're expected to just know to bring a box of Favourites.

    14. The Boxing Day Races is an event that you tell yourself you won't attend each year. But you do. And you didn't budget for it.


    So now that you've lost all your money, you tell yourself that you're going to have a quiet New Year. But you're not.

    15. And then finally, you've got New Year's which crops up just when you think your spending is done for the year.

    Comedy Central

    That's a whole new post in itself.

    Obviously, the superior solution is to turn into the Grinch and then flash your cash come January.

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    ^ Literally me this year.

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