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They Said What About Birth Control?!

The Supreme Court ruled that discriminating against women isn’t discrimination at all when it allowed bosses at Hobby Lobby to deny their employees insurance coverage for birth control. And just as you’d expect, a bunch of right-wing politicians and talking heads rejoiced like it was Christmas.

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Sen. Marco Rubio: “A key part of the American dream has always been the ability of our people to freely practice their faiths without government interference.”

Corporations are not people who practice religion and the Obama administration already made accommodations for religious institutions. What are you talking about, Rubio?

Reince Priebus (head of the Republican National Committee): “This is a clear and decisive defeat against Obamacare and a victory for the rights of all Americans.”

What is it with the right’s obsession with making it more difficult for people to get health care? Now, Hobby Lobby’s 23,000 employees just lost contraceptive coverage and potentially thousands more women could! Apparently some consider endangering women’s health a victory.

Bill O’Reilly: “The four liberal justices apparently believe that American taxpayers should fund abortions.”

Oh wait, except that emergency contraception and IUDs do not cause abortion, they prevent unplanned pregnancy therefore reducing the need for abortion care. Bet Bill refused to go to that lesson sex ed.

Rush Limbaugh: “It should be noted that even after this decision, birth control remains widely available. It is dirt cheap, no matter where you want to go get it.”

Really, Rush? No and no. Birth control isn’t cheap or readily accessible for a lot of women, especially women working minimum wage jobs. How much money does you think Rush makes in a year, and how much do you think it costs to purchase birth control? An IUD can cost up to one thousand dollars, and you’re calling that “dirt cheap?” Don’t even start.

Karl Rove: The ruling will have “a positive impact on candidates and officeholders who have stood with the religious liberty movement in support of this.”

Ha! We know how Todd Akin’s “legitimate rape” and Mitt’s binders full of women comments went over so well with women voters. If these opponents of birth control really want to piss off the 99 percent of women who use some form of birth control in their lifetime, it’s their funeral.

These anti-choice figures remind us all how extreme the anti-choice agenda really is. Not only do they want to end abortion, but they want to block access to birth control which helps to prevent the need for abortion care.

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