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2 Infographics That Show How Your Rights Depend On Your Zip Code, Not The Constitution

How did this happen? How did anti-choice politicians chip away at our rights state by state? These infographics tell the story.

The Problem With Politicians Who Don't Represent Our Values, In One Graphic

The good news? We have the power to change this. Want to take action? Tell these politicians: you don't represent my values.

Top 11 Pro-Choice Moments In 2014

While all of us who support reproductive freedom faced tremendous challenges in 2014, it wasn't all bad news. These were a few of the inspiring moments that are going to fuel our fire well into 2015.

5 Feminist/Pro-Choice Books Any Activist Would Love For The Holidays

2014 has been a great year for smart, diverse, interesting (and funny!) feminist literature. Even if you have a die-hard, pro-choice, feminist friend who has read everything from Betty Friedan to bell hooks; they’ll appreciate reading these fresh thoughts and insights on feminist theory, reproductive freedom and women’s issues.

10 Awesome Pro-Choice & Feminist Gifts For The Advocate In Your Life

It’s the holiday season, and you know what that means – it’s the season to give gifts! Not sure what to get that special someone in your life who’s passionate about reproductive freedom and feminism? We’ve got you covered.

5 Shows That Wouldn’t Be The Same If They Showed The Reality Of Pregnancy Discrimination

It’s 2014 and women in the workforce are making huge gains, contributing more to their families’ incomes, and reaching positions of authority. So are women getting the support they need to have families? Not from their bosses they aren’t. While too many women are denied the accommodations they deserve, we often don’t see these kinds of challenges in pop culture. This made us wonder - how would these shows have changed if these characters had been forced to choose between getting a paycheck and their pregnancy?

6 Times Feminists Refused To Be Silenced

At this point, it’s practically expected for those who don’t believe in gender equality to tell feminists to get back in their place and stop causing such a ruckus over equal rights and gender equality. And we’ve fought back every single time.

Meet The Candidates For Governor Who’ll Sign Away Your Rights

They’ve done it before, and they’ll do it again: these anti-choice candidates will take away your rights the second they’re elected.

Women Who Prove That Just Because You’re A Woman Doesn’t Mean You Automatically Support Policies That Help Women

You wouldn’t trust someone to fill your cavity just because they have teeth. Well, you can’t necessarily trust a woman to support policies that benefit the vast majority of women - no matter how many times she says, “I’m a woman!”

GIF-splanation: Why Are Anti-Choice GOP Politicians Suddenly Supporting Over-The-Counter Birth Control?

Spoiler alert: it isn't because they suddenly support affordable birth control.

GoFundMe Wants To Make A Positive Impact In People’s Lives. Unless Those People Are Seeking Abortion Care.

GoFundMe announced that they created a new policy that bans people who can’t afford an abortion from using the site to raise money for one. Huh?

10 Men For Choice You Can Vote For This November

Don't you just love to see men who understand that reproductive freedom is at the heart of gender equality? These are just a few of the pro-choice men running for office who fight every day to protect women's rights. Fighting for them is easy -- just head to the ballot box!

4 Decisions Anti-Choice Politicians In Missouri Think Are Just Like Choosing Abortion

Last night, anti-choice politicians in Missouri forced through one of the longest abortion waiting periods in the nation, making it even harder for women who need abortion care – with no exceptions for rape or incest survivors. Because, according to these compassionate folks, making decisions about abortion is just like buying a car.

Raise A Glass To Ruth Bader Ginsburg For 21 Years On The Supreme Court!

On August 10, the Notorious RBG will celebrate 21 years on the Supreme Court bench! We’re celebrating 21 years of Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court with 21 shots - of JUSTICE.

7 In 10 Americans Are Pro-Choice. Here’s Why You Need To Elect Pro-Choice Champions

Did you know that 7 in 10 Americans support a woman’s right to choose? Even though there’s a pro-choice majority, anti-choice politicians and state legislatures across the country are rolling back reproductive rights right under our noses. We’re saying: Enough is enough!

They Said What About Birth Control?!

The Supreme Court ruled that discriminating against women isn’t discrimination at all when it allowed bosses at Hobby Lobby to deny their employees insurance coverage for birth control. And just as you’d expect, a bunch of right-wing politicians and talking heads rejoiced like it was Christmas.

Why We Support The LGBT Movement

June is LGBT Pride Month! We strongly support our LGBT brothers and sisters because the fight for equality reflects our shared values of freedom and privacy. Everyone should be free to make decisions about whom they love, whom they marry, and with whom they have a family without intrusion from politicians.

Google Upholds Truth-In-Advertising Policy – Anti-Choicers Cry Foul

Because misleading women about their reproductive health and safety is a core function of the anti-choice movement.

5 Reasons This Governor Is King Joffrey From Game Of Thrones

The universally-hated King Joffrey wasn’t the only one insulting just about everyone he ruled over. Gov. Brownback may never claim the Iron Throne, but he sure is reigning like a true Game of Thrones tyrant in Kansas.