The House Is Obsessed With Restricting Birth Control Access

House Republicans have been taking a lot of heat in polls and the media lately for leading the government shutdown. But did you know that anti-choice leaders in the House tried to roll back access to birth control as a “bargaining chip” in their negotiations? Just this year, Congress has launched four legislative attacks on birth control.

1. You knew that the House tried to shut down the government to defund Obamacare.

2. But did you know that these same guys also tried to give bosses the power to decide whether women employees could get birth control?

3. It happened. First, the House GOP passed a bill in the middle of the night.

4. But the Senate was like

5. Former vice-presidential candidate Rep. Paul Ryan…(This guy)

6. …didn’t take no for an answer. He really wants to put bosses in control of women’s birth control coverage.

7. So, Paul Ryan rallied members of the House to fight against birth control coverage again by attempting to link it to a deal to raise our nation’s debt limit.

8. But that’s not all.

9. At this point, we were like 48 hours away from defaulting on our nation’s debt and on the brink of a financial collapse. But that didn’t faze House Republicans.

10. Meanwhile the Senate was like

11. Good thing the Senate and President Obama shut down the shutdown and raised the debt limit without compromising on women’s birth control coverage.

12. So, to Paul Ryan and his buddies who tried to restrict birth control:

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