Craziest Anti-Abortion Statements Of 2013 As Told By Anchorman

2013 saw its fair share of attacks on women’s reproductive freedom. Clearly these anti-choice politicians aren’t heeding Ron Burgundy’s advice to “Stay classy.” We thought Burgundy and the rest of the KVWN Channel 4 News Team could help us deal with the most egregious statements on women’s health and reproductive rights from 2013.

1. It can be pretty enraging when anti-choicers ignore medical professionals and work to limit women’s reproductive rights

2. And for anti-choicers across the country, spreading misinformation about women’s reproductive health and freedom is nothing new. But 2013 really took the cake.

3. Alabama State Rep. Mary Sue McClurkin tried to justify restricting abortion access to women in her state because “when a physician removes a child from a woman, that’s the largest organ in a body.”

4. Not only do these anti-choice politicians join Brick in not understanding basic biology, they also enjoy attacking women’s character.

5. For example, the Oklahoma Senate voted for a bill to block the birth-control benefit in the Affordable Care Act because one constituent said that women are suppressing their natural identity as a “potential mother” by using “poison” birth control.

6. Even worse, some anti-choice politicians don’t even understand the restrictive anti-choice legislation that they support. They only want to take personal and private decisions out of the hands of women.

7. Take Texas State Rep. Jody Laubenberg.

8. She tried to justify a 20-week abortion ban with no rape exception by claiming that rape kits somehow make it impossible for a woman to get pregnant from a rape, saying “they have what’s called a rape kit where a woman can get cleaned out.”

9. And after pro-choice Texas Sen. Wendy Davis led an epic 11-hour filibuster to protect the majority of women’s health clinics across the state…

10. Gov. Rick Perry bafflingly attacked Davis, saying that as a teen mother Davis should have “learned from her own example.”

11. Speaking in favor of an abortion ban in the U.S. House of Representatives, Texas Rep. Michael Burgess bizarrely argued that he opposed abortion because fetuses masturbate.

12. And then he was probably like

13. After that same ban was introduced in Congress, Fox News contributor Erick Erickson tweeted that liberals should stock up on coat hangers. Talk about messed up.

14. Then there was Georgia Sen. Saxby Chambliss who argued that rape in the military was, “Gee whiz,” just part of nature because young people’s hormones make them rape.

16. Then a judge in Nebraska denied a 16-year-old an abortion because she was too “immature” for one, even though that meant she was apparently mature enough to be a mother.

17. Make no mistake - for many of these extreme anti-choice politicians, the ultimate goal is to ban abortion completely.

18. House Speaker John Boehner publicly stated that ending abortion should be “One of our most fundamental goals this year.”

19. Sorry to break it to you Boehner, but that’s not going to happen on our watch.

20. Because, like Ron Burgundy always says

21. And there’s nothing classier than trusting women to make the best decision for their families and protecting the right to choose.

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