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7 Bosses You Don’t Want In Charge Of Your Birth Control

The Supreme Court announced that it would take up two cases concerning the no-cost birth-control policy that’s part of the Affordable Care Act. We can all agree that medical decisions belong between you and your doctor, not your boss. Yet, the bosses in these cases and dozens more have filed suits arguing that it’s THEIR right to deny their employees birth-control coverage. Totally ridiculous, right? Check out seven bosses you would never want in charge of your reproductive-health care and access to birth control:

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1. Bill Lumbergh – Office Space

If Lumbergh would make you come in every day over the weekend with no respect to your personal or private life, he’s probably not going to care too much about covering your birth control, is he?

2. Buddy Ackerman – Swimming with Sharks

Talk about the boss from hell. We seriously hope that nobody’s boss is as bad as this guy! But really, do you want boss Buddy Ackerman controlling whether your birth control is covered? We think not.

5. Michael Scott – The Office

Let’s get real – you probably wouldn’t want Michael Scott in charge of ANYTHING regarding your health and wellness. Talk about awkward! But, sadly, bosses like this exist and they think it’s their right to control your reproductive health.

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