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    G-Eazy Is Your Girl's New Favorite Rapper

    "I Mean It" — he's blowing up.

    This is G-Eazy. He's a 25-year-old rapper and producer from Oakland, Calif., and he's shaping up to become a serious success story.

    G-Eazy's been releasing stuff since 2007, making his name outside the major label system. His new album, called These Things Happen, is dropping on June 23.

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    It's up for preorder now, though.

    Check out the album's irresistible first single, "Far Alone." It's a love letter to the Bay Area that fills new folks in on G-Eazy's come up.

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    The slapping, summer beat is by slept-on talent Jay Ant. And Bay Area legend E-40 supports G-Eazy on a new version of "Far Alone" that's making the rounds on radio.

    The album's next single is the shit-talking, compulsively replayable "I Mean It."

    The song's already racked a million plays on Spotify.

    The "I Mean It" video is debuting today on BuzzFeed. In it, G-Eazy plays an Anchorman-style news guy.

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    Dude's usually got a serious, black-and-white aesthetic. So this video's a new, comedic turn.


    He gives a raw nightly report:

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    "If I ever said I'm never scared / Just know I mean it / If I ever said I fucked your bitch / Just know I mean it."

    And charms the ladies.

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    He interviews himself:

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    And gets props from barbers:

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    And causes other dudes relationship trouble. Y'know, as he does.

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    "You really think she stay true? I doubt it / 'Cause I'm fucking your girlfriend, and there's nothing you can do about it."


    Watch the full "I Mean It" video:

    Go get em, kid.

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