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    • nadah2

      here is a little insight into this matter from someone who went the extra mile to research it very well said. And to people asking Arabs and Palestinians to lighten up and that it borrows from some of the ethnicities “arabs” within Israel, etc, etc, etc.  These dishes were shared in the Arab Laventine and known by our grandfathers long before the state of Israel was formed and since Israel claims it isn’t an Arab nation and that they are a very different let alone superior race, and since these dishes were shared and known in the area before all the Jewish immigrants flooded Palestine- ones who came from every nation around the world most of whom didn’t even speak Hebrew and had no shared culture and were promised lots of benefits if they agreed to come live in Palestine “Israel”- Then yes we will defend our culture in all it’s different aspects which Israelis are trying to steal and promote as their own heritage, funny when that country was formed only about 60 something years ago by people from around the world that it suddenly starts having the same culture as the neighboring countries. If it was your country you’d know what’s at stake here. Promoting Israel as having a shared culture with it’s neighboring Arab countries is a way their media is trying to promote them as being indigenous to the land when they ARE NOT. So stop supporting this crap by telling us to chill. and BTW all of the indigenous people of Palestine; be them Muslim, Christian, or Jews are all Palestinian and they all share a common culture. Israelis however are not and do not!

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