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19 Israeli Delicacies That Aren't Hummus

So everyone knows that in Israel, hummus flows almost as freely as water... but there's way more to Israeli food than that! Borrowing flavors from the cultures that live within the state, Israeli food has people all over the world reThinking what's for dinner.

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5. Israeli Schnitzel

What sets Israeli schnitzel apart from German schnitzel is the use of chicken or turkey breast as opposed to pork. Deep fried to golden perfection, schnitzel is surprisingly complemented by our old friend, hummus.

6. Sufganiyot

Less dense than an average donut, this pastry is filled with jelly (or sometimes custard), deep fried, and finished off with an abundance of powdered sugar. This melt-in-your-mouth dessert is a kid favorite around the Jewish festival of Hanukkah.

12. Rugelach

Like a croissant's baby brother, this finger dessert can be found next to almost any cup of coffee in Israel. And with all the filling options, it's no surprise! Anyone up for some chocolate, raspberry, cinnamon, marzipan, walnut, raisin, or poppyseed rugelach?

18. Hamin

There's nothing dated about this traditional Jewish stew. Simmered overnight for 12 hours, the chicken, beef, potato, bean, vegetable, and barley stew serves as the ultimate comfort (or hangover) food.

19. And... Krembo

With a round biscuit base and a hard chocolate coating, the gooey marshmallow on the inside of a Krembo is a fun surprise for first-time indulgers. Sorry for the spoilers, but that picture is just too cute.