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51 Facts About Israel That Will Surprise You

The highs and lows of your AOL Instant Messaging years and the lowest place on Earth have something in common. These tidbits and 49 other facts will have you ReThinking what you thought you knew about Israel.

13 Cafés With A Window Seat Waiting Just For You

Traveling around the world, you have to see the sights. But to get a real feel of the city's culture, all you have to do is grab a window seat at a local café. A little coffee and a lot of people-watching will have you re-Thinking what you thought you knew!

18 Reasons The Sand Cat Is Your New Favorite Animal

You might have gone through life thinking you're a dog person... but this adorable creature might just have you reThinking that you're a sand cat person.

12 Neighborhoods That'll Stop You In Your Tracks

These streets speak for themselves. From famous artists and their associated crews to installations put together especially for the public, these enclaves look pretty and playful, but have become seriously revered international attractions.

15 Of The Greatest Places To Party Barefoot

Ain't no party like a beach party. If you think the beach just means a sunburn and sand in your shoes, it's time to reThink your vacation plans. Be them relaxing or rowdy, these beaches are built for a good time.

14 Flourishing Cities Recent Grads Should Call Home

Sure, you may have spent a semester elsewhere. How about taking the plunge on an international professional life? Rethink your post-college plans, and reThink Israel when it comes to your next adventure.

15 Of The Most Beautiful Scenic Trails In The World

Let the magic of the outdoors take you to some breathtaking places! Take a hike and see what life's like from the summits of Israel and elsewhere worldwide.

10 Places We're Spending All Our Shekels

The best part about visiting a new place is coming back with brag swag — that's stuff to brag about. And with Israel's unique designers, galleries, and outdoor markets, you might be left reThinking your entire wardrobe.