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The Dress - Changing Perception Video

The dress is one way or the other because of what we know and how we think of and how we expect a camera to deal with a certain situation.

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The Dress - I Think This Video Can Show To Switch From One Version To The Other

View this video on YouTube / Via I made it

How I interpret how a camera would deal with the exposure of that dress is based off knowing how most lower-end cameras work. To the white & gold people (which I was, originally) thought about how a real camera (not a cell phone) photo would look like a situation of when you want a photo of a sunrise and just end up with a glowing white sky because the camera correctly exposed the dark houses. To the black & blue people, they saw it as the oopposite - they saw a situation in which the camera was over-exposing the dress.

The thing is BOTH are true - the camera that took the photo of the dress overexposed the dress AND the background.

So here’s a video of me in Photoshop attempting to show you guys how the perceptions were different (pay attention to how wrong or right the colors look of the rest of the screen in comparison).

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