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    Tom Holland Is Going Viral After Clips Of His NSFW Scenes Hit The Internet, And People Can't Stop Talking About It

    People keep using the word "back shots" and it's very upsetting.

    Warning: This article may contain spoilers for The Crowded Room.

    Everybody can't stop talking about Tom Holland.

    closeup of tom

    By now, everyone knows Tom as Spider-Man from the Marvel Cinematic Universe or sometimes Zendaya's adorable boyfriend.

    closeup of him and zendaya

    But, social media can't get over his most recent role in the Apple TV+ limited series The Crowded Room, based on the non-fiction book, The Minds of Billy Milligan.

    tom in character

    In the limited series, Tom plays Danny Sullivan opposite Amanda Seyfried's Rya Goodwin, an investigator who attempts to uncover Danny's past that led to his involvement in a 1979 shooting in New York.

    amanda in character

    Following the release of Episode 8, "Reunion," two particular NSFW scenes went viral and had fans at odds over its graphic content.

    tom's character smoking with a man and then seen pushed up against the wall with him

    Some fans are dying to see the clips of Tom "getting his back blown out."

    Twitter: @SethEverman

    The clips also created a debate with some die-hard Spider-Man stans making anti-LGBTQ comments claiming that Tom was "Not my Spider-Man," which had many fans coming to his defense.

    Twitter: @GaryLGray

    Twitter: @FoxxDoesThings

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    Twitter: @wlwmages

    Others pointed out that every other actor who recently played Spider-Man, Tobey Maguire, and Andrew Garfield also portrayed LGBTQ characters.

    Twitter: @hzjoe03

    Andrew portrayed Prior Walter in Angels in America and Tobey played James Leer in Wonder Boys.

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    Apple/Paramount Pictures / Via Twitter: @saltysauerkraut

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    And other fans, unfortunately, poked fun at the idea that the NSFW scenes were a response to Zendaya's much-talked-about scene from Challengers.

    NPR / Via Twitter: @1_ofakindnocap

    Paramount Pictures / Via Twitter: @kordian_kurpias / Via Twitter: @thescarletdaya

    We live in a strange time when TV and movie clips are being weaponized against the actors in them. It might be time to turn the internet off for a minute.

    The Crowded Room is available for streaming on Apple TV+.

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