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    "Saturday Night Live" Poked Fun At Travis Kelce And Taylor Swift, And Fans Lost It When They Actually Showed Up

    Pete Davidson hosted the return of Saturday Night Live, and his two surprise guests stole the show.

    Saturday Night Live has returned, and the surprise cameos in this episode were one for the ages.

    Ice Spice, Pete Davidson, and Kenan Thompson

    All the Easter eggs were there because Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift were spotted in New York City dancing in their Levis, together under the streetlight.

    Then, the clover bloomed in the fields, autumn broke loose, and the time was near for Pete Davidson and SNL to begin their first sketch of the night.

    Closeup of Pete Davidson

    The SNL cast poked fun at the NFL's endless coverage of Taylor's recent cameos at Kansas City Chiefs games to cheer in the bleachers for her rumored boyfriend, Travis.

    Screenshot from "SNL"

    Kenan Thompson, as Fox NFL Sunday host Curt Menefee, tried to lead a conversation about the New York Jets and Philadelphia Eagles but failed miserably because other hosts were not-so-secret Swifties.

    Screenshot from "SNL"

    The sketch really went off the rails once all the NFL hosts went back and forth about whether or not Travis is actually Taylor's "boyfriend."

    Closeup of Pete Davidson

    Mikey Day, as Howie Long, had something to say about it.

    Screenshot from "SNL"

    Molly Kearney, as Terry Bradshaw, had a rebuttal.

    Screenshot from "SNL"

    Then everyone battled to see who was the bigger Swiftie by revealing their secret songs and friendship bracelets.

    And Kenan almost got everything back on track.

    Screenshot from "SNL"

    Then the cameras cut away to the sidelines, and Travis appeared!

    "Yes, please!"

    But wait, there's more! Pete introduced Ice Spice, one of Taylor's newest besties, to perform her first song of the night, "In Ha Mood," but he didn't return to introduce the next one.

    Ice Spice onstage

    T. Swift showed up! Of course, she wouldn't leave her bestie hanging on her first SNL performance of "Pretty Girl!"

    Taylor introducing Ice Spice

    She really ate those four words.

    "tfw you're that girl"

    These cameos were the perfect Easter eggs to the new Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce era, and the fans had a lot to say about it:

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