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Nonrich Folks Who Went To Really Expensive Schools, Tell Us About The Most Entitled Rich Students You Ever Met

I will never get over the fact that I went to school with the kids who were part of the admissions scandal.

Once upon a time, I thought a few college scholarships, part-time jobs, and intense budgeting could bridge the gap between THE HAVES (wealthy students) and the HAVE-NOTS (me) at my expensive university — but I could never relate.

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The other students were super rich, and I wasn't just a struggling student, I was broke-broke. The difference in how nonrich and wealthy students experienced school was almost as if they were from entirely different planets.

I'd love to hear from you: What are some of the most out-of-touch things you witnessed from rich students at your reaaaallly expensive school?

Maybe you spent the last $5 of your paycheck on a box of shrimp-flavored instant noodles before going to dinner with friends because you couldn't afford a real meal. Everyone at dinner ordered $30 carbonara plates and $20 cocktails, and you ordered the $4 side salad, thinking you'd pay with pocket change. But then all your classmates suggested splitting the $1,000 bill because "it's only a couple hundred bucks each" and "it's not cool otherwise."

Perhaps your wealthy classmate walked into the room decked out in a $2,695 Balmain jacket and $477 Stuart Weitzman knee-high boots and started bragging about how they hate wearing an outfit more than once.

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Maybe you were in a group chat with friends planning a spring break trip. Just when you thought you might be able to spend your life savings for a cute beach day two hours away, they start throwing out suggestions like Saint-Tropez, Brazil, Japan, Croatia, and Cuba. One person even dared to suggest that the group hop between countries over the seven-day vacation.

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Or maybe you sprained your ankle walking to school on the worn-down soles of your generic cross-trainers, hiking eight blocks to campus while listening to "Mr. Brightside" through a single chewed-up, knockoff AirPod. Just when you felt as if you couldn't walk any farther, your classmate pulled up in a brand-new white Mercedes G-Wagen and asked if you needed a ride. Then you spent the whole ride listening to them scream at their dad for being a day late transferring money into their bank account.

Share your story in the comments (or use this anonymous Google form), and your response may be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.