Julia Fox's Bikini And Blazer Combo Is One Of Her Most Shocking Looks Yet

    She wore an itsy bitsy, teenie weenie, hairy NSFW bikini.

    There are two things I'll forever struggle to give up: French fries and being completely enamored by Julia Fox's fashion.

    Julia Fox poses in a unique sheer, shimmery dress with matching knee-high boots at a fashion event

    My friends think I'm secretly on Julia's payroll because I have yet to miss a moment when she surprised (or not surprised) us with a "what in the world is she wearing" moment.

    Closeup of Julia Fox

    When she had the horsetail and butt cutouts, I was there.

    Closeup of Julia Fox

    I was also there when she covered her body in strands of hair.

    Closeup of Julia Fox

    And when she wore hair extensions on her shoes, yes, I was there.

    Closeup of Julia Fox

    So, when she debuted one of her most controversial looks, I felt it was my civic duty to be gawked and gagged by the fashion enigma yet again.

    Julia rocked platinum blonde hair and her signature bleached eyebrows.

    Closeup of Julia Fox

    She complemented the ensemble with a tasteful black blazer.

    Closeup of Julia Fox's blazer

    Julia also added a cute black mini purse.

    Closeup of Julia Fox's purse

    And she paired some casual Jimmy Choo pumps with it, so it appeared to be business as usual.

    Closeup of Julia Fox's Jimmy Choo pumps

    However, the type of business Julia deals with is "OMG Fashun" — so you know there's always more.

    a pixelated image of Julia Fox

    Julia wore a hairy flesh-colored bikini with realistic details of nipples and a sewn-up vagina labeled "closed."

    Closeup of Julia Fox

    Based on Julia's previous looks, this is her next step in celebrating freedom of nudity, destigmatizing body hair, and embracing womanhood.

    Julia Fox

    Her fashion and femininity are for her and not for you. In an Elle interview, she said about dating men, "I want to be left alone. Like, don't talk to me, don't look at me, don't bother me." So, the "closed" label makes a lot of sense.

    Closeup of Julia Fox

    If anyone would take the celebrity free-the-nipple trend to the next level, it would be Julia.

    If restaurants stop selling French fries and Julia loses interest in fashion, I promise I'll move on. Until then, stay tuned for her next look.

    Closeup of Julia Fox eating a chip