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    Literally Everything In Debby Ryan And Josh Dun's Colorful Home Is "Stuff That Looks Like Other Stuff"

    It's a hilarious comedy segment that looks like an Architectural Digest home tour.

    Debby Ryan and Josh Dun were featured on Architectural Digest's "Open Door" tours, and their house looks like an acid trip.

    Every so often, we are blessed with yet another AD celebrity tour — and this might be the wildest one yet.

    So, this time, that dude from Twenty-One Pilots and that lady from the Disney Channel, aka Josh and Debby, showed off their extravagantly chaotic Ohio home, and my eyes are still wiggling.

    When she started the tour with her signature smirk, that's when I lost it.

    Then they revealed a "vintage" Blockbuster card as legitimate decor, so I knew the rest of the tour would be out of pocket.

    The best part was the follow-up video shared on Debby's Instagram showcasing "stuff in [their] house that looks like other stuff."

    First, she shows off this foot stool that looks like a chewed-up corn on the cob.

    Next, she reveals a metal side table with an ashtray that looks like skinny bird legs.

    Of course, there's the very appetizing "pillow that looks like a baguette."

    And you can't forget the complimentary "blanket that looks like a tortilla," nicely folded like a quarter of a cheesy Taco Bell quesadilla.

    She shows off her ornate bedpost that "looks like a tree" that barely survived the apocalypse from a 2000s YA novel.

    I got a kick out of this multicolored rug resembling moss from Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring when they're playing hide and seek with ringwraiths.

    However, the "stuff that looks like other stuff" joke gets a little busted when she reaches this sculpture. "This is a rock that looks, I guess that one looks like what it actually looks like."

    The console table completely covered in pink and red candles looks like stalactites, and it's probably my favorite part of the house because I love the words stalactites and stalagmites.

    They have a bathroom light that looks like a spaceship that will abduct you while you're butt naked and taking a poop.

    And speaking of butt naked, they also have a bath mat that looks like buttcheeks.

    The next one is a double feature. On her bookshelf of thingamabobs, she shows off this blimp that's a Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Award but actually a kaleidoscope.

    Josh's drumkit looks like a perfectly placed pile of magical tree stumps.

    Here's a candle that looks like an almost finished bowl of Froot Loops — the best meal for watching Saturday morning cartoons.

    Here's a trendy lamp that looks like a trendy can of red paint spilling on the table.

    Here is a ginormous speed bag next to their boxing ring that looks like a drop of blood.

    And yes, they have a boxing ring + gym in the middle of their house.

    Debby gets real MTV Cribs by showing her fridge that looks like it's just a white kitchen cabinet.

    And finally, she ends by hilariously including herself in the joke. "And this is a child that looks like an adult."

    As a fellow interior decorating maximalist who can relate to an obsession for loving "things that look like other things," I have to say, "I'm Radio Rebel!"

    Watch the full Architectural Digest tour here.

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