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    Celine Dion Fans Stormed Rolling Stone's Office After She Was Omitted From Its Greatest Singers List And The Tweets About It Have Me Rolling

    No tea, no shade, but this feels like one giant conspiracy because there's no way.

    The sheer disrespect of Ms. Céline Marie Claudette Dion will not be tolerated in 2023.

    closeup of celine carrying flowers

    On Jan. 1 Rolling Stone released their list of the "200 Greatest Singers Of All Time," and not a single mention included Céline Dion.

    I repeat. The five-time Grammy-winner and one of the best-selling artists in history did not make the cut as one of the greatest singers of all time — according to Rolling Stone.

    celine performing on stage

    And as a result, on Jan. 6, 2023, fans protested outside of Rolling Stone because this poor sixth day of the first month couldn't catch a break.

    closeup of celine walking outside

    Rolling Stone hilariously responded to the protest by interviewing the upset fans, with one woman saying, "We are here to express ourselves in the name of Céline because obviously, you made a big mistake forgetting her name on the big list you published last week."

    "We are here to express ourselves in the name of Celine because obviously you made a big mistake forgetting her name on the big list you published last week" Celine Dion protesters pulled up to the Rolling Stone office 😳

    Twitter: @RollingStone

    Other protestor signs read, "Rolling Stone you hit an iceberg," "How can you forget Céline" and "Rolling Stone is stoned," with a lit joint beside it.

    Here's how fans reacted on Twitter:

    @PopBase @celinedion If I was there, I’d be at the protest! Celine Dion was a vocalist, an icon, EVERYTHING. Rolling Stone was out of line for this, honestly. To think we thought so highly of them. 💔

    Twitter: @YayaRSA

    @PopBase @celinedion whoever made that list rn:

    HBO / Via Twitter: @baboozhk4

    Honestly I would have joined in. // Celine Dion Fans Protest Outside of Rolling Stone’s Office After Her Snub From Greatest Singers List

    Twitter: @manori_r

    @PopBase @celinedion okay i get it she deserved to be on the list but it’s not that serious

    Twitter: @desmoonlightt

    I get it, but also she's like mfing Celine Dion. She doesn't even need this There are way more important things to protest about

    Twitter: @hiraeth_liminal
    Twitter: @aami_scarlet

    stans were mad about the rap list but they aint take it to the streets like Celine Dion fans

    Rolling Stone / Via Twitter: @andrejgee

    Well January 6th is the day of bad random protests, so…#RollingStone #CelineDion #January6th #SpeakerVote

    Twitter: @thatchrischase

    @PopBase @celinedion it's really not that serious

    Twitter: @darkwin__

    @PopBase @celinedion i don’t agree with that list but protesting in front of rolling stones’ office is a little too much

    Twitter: @hijackya

    honestly, the purest thing happening right now is this very polite protest happening in @celinedion's name outside Rolling Stone's office. Civilized!

    Rolling Stone / Via Twitter: @DeeBodes22

    This is so embarrassing like you really felt the urge to protest a list in a magazine because they didn’t say celine dion was a better singer than *whoever*

    @AndySwift / Via Twitter: @jbshitposts

    The fans' outrage makes sense because in what world does Ozzy Osbourne, and Iggy Pop make the list but not Céline Dion?

    Rolling Stone defended their decision by stating, it's a "Greatest Singers list, not the Greatest Voices List. Talent is impressive; genius is transcendent. Sure, many of the people here were born with massive pipes, perfect pitch, and boundless range. Others have rougher, stranger, or more delicate instruments."

    Right. If it's not about voice then explain why Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, and Mariah Carey made the top five. I'm seriously trying to figure out the grading rubric here.

    Despite the list not being about voices, in the description for #102 Taylor Swift, they literally described the versatility of her "breathy timbre," her "delicate upper register," and how her voice gets better and better with each decade.

    Full disclosure: I'm extremely biased because Céline Dion was included in my Spotify Wrapped. I'm physically upset at her omission.