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    40 Anime Characters You Probably Didn't Know Were Queer (Or At Least Queer-Coded)

    A list of queer-coded anime characters that are actually really obvious when you think about it.

    Questionably queer anime characters have graced my television screens since the beginning of time, immediately becoming my favorites. The flamboyant villains, sidekicks in drag, and suspiciously close best friendships always had me guessing to which letter on the rainbow alphabet these iconic characters subscribed.

    It doesn't matter if they're dangling out of the closet, victims of outdated censorship, or part of my unreliable speculation. I stan all these hand-drawn anime heroes for living in their queer-coded truths.

    Here are 40 of my favorite anime characters who are definitely, maybe queer:

    1. Motoko Kusanagi

    Major Makoto Kusanagi seductively staring

    2. Hange Zoë

    Hange Zoë laughing maniacally

    3. Tomoyo Daidouji

    Tomoyo passionately stares at Sakura

    4. Kaworu Nagisa

    Shinji wantonly glances at confident Kaworu

    5. Leeron Littner

    Leeron goes full creep on Kamina

    6. Yoruichi Shihōin

    Yoruichi glares upon the battlefield

    7. Sailor Neptune & Sailor Uranus

    Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus join the battle alongside their fellow heroes

    8. Light Yagami

    Light quietly ponders with his eyes and closed and legs crossed

    9. Utena Tenjou

    Utena embraces the beautiful Anthy Himemiya and stares into her eyes

    10. Homura Akemi

    Madoka anxiously hovers over a pinned Homura

    11. Alois Trancy

    Alois prepares to lick Ciel's earlobe

    12. Zarbon

    Zarbon angrily flexes at his rival Vegeta

    13. Toya Kinomoto & Yukito Tsukihiro

    Yukito passionately stares at Toya holding a dessert treat

    14. Suì-Fēng

    Suì Fēng victoriously prepares to wrap arms around Yoruichi's neck

    15. Near

    Near creepily stares into the distance with wide eyes

    16. Whis

    Whis gushes over a delicious dinner spread

    17. Fried Justine

    Fried happily cries over the presence of his idol Laxus

    18. Major Alex Louis Armstrong

    Armstrong poses shirtless in a shower of red roses

    19. Schrödinger

    Schrodinger playfully holds his tail in front a shower of glass shards

    20. Jakotsu

    Jakotsu obsessively stares at Inuyasha

    21. Escargoon

    Escargoon pulls a bag of potato chips off his head

    22. Nonon Jakuzure

    Nonon pouts as her minions cower in fear behind her

    23. Haku

    Naruto meets a well dressed and smiling Haku

    24. Kagura Mikazuchi

    Kagura pulls back with sword in hand ready to attack

    25. Kanji Tatsumi

    Kanji awkwardly straddles a version of his shadow self to the ground

    26. Syazel Aporro Granz

    Syazel viciously grins at his opponent's demise

    27. Asami Soto & Avatar Korra

    Korra and Asami prepare to enter a fight with a handful of  bandits

    28. Mr. Popo

    Mr. Popo joyfully smiles at his friends

    29. Zoro

    Zoro screams while carrying Marine officer Tashigi across the room

    30. Illia Amitola

    Illia is penned to the ground by her best friend turned enemy

    31. Grell

    Grell coyly smiles at their unsuspecting enemies

    32. Alluka Zoldyck

    Alluka blankly stares at brother while he's on the phone

    33. Atsuko Jackson

    Atsuko trustingly leans closer as Michiko surrenders

    34. Jaken

    Cute little demon Shippo is disgusted by a pouting Jaken

    35. Ryuk

    Ryuk's emptily stares while Light Yagami plots beside him

    36. James

    James debuts his beauty ballerina disguise

    37. Chizuru Honshō

    Chizuru embraces her friend Orihime a little too closely

    38. Mako Mankanshoku

    Ryuko unsuspectingly carries a helpless Mako

    39. Orochimaru

    Orochimaru reveals his long reptilian tongue

    40. And lastly, Frieza

    Frieza clenches his fist with rage

    Do you agree with my favorite queer-coded anime characters list or did I bark up the wrong tree? Let's talk about it.