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People Are Having Pretty Mixed Reactions To Austin Butler Losing Best Actor At The Oscars

"Austin Butler…you still got the Kids’ Choice Award…don’t be sad, pooks."

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Austin Butler put on a performance of a lifetime in Elvis, but the 31-year-old actor was in a category with a phenomenal group of actors.

A close-up of Austin wearing a tux

The Zoey 101 alum had everything down to a science, from Elvis's sultry singing to his popular dance moves.

He even drank melted ice cream like Ryan Gosling to gain weight for the role.

Austin as Elvis leaning back as he performs onstage in a leather suit
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But most notably, everyone couldn't get over how dedicated the actor was to mimicking Elvis's iconic voice.

Austin as Elvis walking down a hallway

Now people are having mixed reactions to Austin's big loss of the night, and I'm a little shocked.

1. Some people were just downright cold-blooded:

How I’m going to sleep tonight knowing Austin Butler and Elvis is bringing home nothing tonight

Twitter: @rejectedhannah


me leaving the oscars with the best actor trophy up my ass so austin butler cant take it #Oscars

Twitter: @trulyhowqrd / Via Neon


y’all thought they was gonna give an Oscar to Austin Butler please help me.

Lifetime / Via Twitter: @problemsthots

Some joked about his infamous dedication to the accent and embodying Elvis:


tomorrow morning austin butler's going to talk completely normal

Twitter: @gremlita


austin butler talked in that accent for so long just to lose the oscar

Warner Bros. / Via Twitter: @cfree94


hope you're happy, academy — austin butler's stuck like that forever now

Twitter: @aherman2006


austin butler experienced complete ego death and is, to this day, letting the ghost of elvis drive him around like a ratatouille. and for what

Twitter: @Lubchansky


Austin Butler realizing all he's going home with is that accent

Disney / Via Twitter: @cj_prin

Other people feigned a little sympathy for the actor:


austin butler is about to destroy every piece of furniture in his hotel room

Twitter: @ariellebeau


Austin butler…you still got the kid’s choice award…don’t be sad pooks

Twitter: @niggaolas


austin butler spent months literally becoming elvis like summoned his spirit into his own just to not get that oscar i know he’s seething

Twitter: @korysverse


20th Television / Via Twitter: @JUSTAPARTYG1RL


If you see Austin Butler in the street Walking by himself, talking to himself, have pity

Twitter: @iramadisonthree

And some folks had Austin's back:


Obviously no one deserves to win an Oscar but Austin butler did give his entire consciousness to Elvis for some reason

Twitter: @BrotiGupta


i've never seen anyone work so hard in their life on a role. 3 years of his life dedicated to mastering and embodying elvis presley. he showed up to every event. he gave his blood, sweat and tears. he deserved it. i’m truly at a loss for words :(

Warner Bros. / Courtesy Everett Collection / Via Twitter: @tcbbutler


I’m literally so mad that Austin didn’t win best Actor 😤 #AustinButler

Twitter: @KristenJoy78 / Via HBO


at the end of the day I’m proud of austin butler and everyone hating on him will always be a loser and jobless people on this app like we get it

BET / Via Twitter: @missdayabutlers

Don't worry, Austin. You have THE Angela Bassett constantly supporting you, so you're winning much more than the rest of us.

Angela Basset and Austin Butler my two favorite #oscars snubs ❤️

ABC / Via Twitter: @archivebutler
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