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    People Are Guessing The Meaning Behind Angelina Jolie's New Mystery Middle Finger Tattoos

    Here's a hint: "It's NOTHING related with Brad Pitt."

    Angelina Jolie has a new pair of tattoos, and there’s a lot of mystery behind them.

    Angelina Jolie wacing

    The full ink has yet to be revealed, and now fans are guessing whether the new artwork connects to her children, her work, or anything to do with her ex, Brad Pitt.

    If you've seen her in recent years, you'll notice the 48-year-old actor has plenty of tattoos already.

    She has these tattoos on her arms.

    Angekina with her hamd up as she waves

    She also has others on her arms.

    And then she has all of this on her back.

    Now, she has a pair of new tattoos on each of her middle fingers by the popular Bang Bang tattoo artist Mr. K.

    Mr. K shared an Instagram post of her blurred fingers. “Still can’t believe I actually grabbed her hand and tattoos her," he wrote in the caption. “Guess what she got on her palm?”

    And in case you're wondering, that's not the actual tattoo.

    While the actual tattoo remains a mystery, it’s apparent that it will be something epic based on Mr. K’s star-studded clientele, like this beautiful geometric array on Formula 1 champion Lewis Hamilton’s hands.

    He tatted Back to the Future legend Michael J. Fox’s inner forearm.

    Mr. K added these mesmerizing touches to Matt Damon’s tribute to his wife and daughters on his upper arm.

    And do you remember that controversially cryptic back tattoo that Doja Cat revealed earlier this year? That was Mr. K, too.

    While the thought surely crossed many people’s minds, Mr. K quickly denied that the tattoo had anything to do with Brad Pitt.

    But that didn’t stop fans from speculating on the mystery tattoo:

    I would guess something spiritual as if getting a tattoo from you wasn't already life goals, now it's a must
    Some Hinduism symbol like that??
    Something French? Her kids?
    Her new companies she recently launched

    What do you think Angelina’s new mystery tattoo could be? Let me know in the comments.