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    Literally Just 25 Times "The Bold Type" Was Really Damn Good

    To the fashion closet, now.

    1. Whenever Jane, Kat, and Sutton promoted a healthy friendship:

    2. When Jacqueline had this comeback during a work meeting:

    3. When Sutton said this:

    4. Whenever Oliver delivered one of his one-liners:

    5. When the girls had no shame in discussing their unique friendship:

    6. Whenever Jacqueline had a heart-to-heart with one of the girls:

    7. Or whenever she speaks in general:

    8. No, seriously:

    9. When Jane and Kat were there for Sutton after her breakup:

    10. When Alex showed us what it's like to have a coworker who turns into a friend:

    11. Or when he hyped Sutton up, helping her be the best version of herself:

    12. Whenever it dealt with real-life issues, like sexual orientation:

    13. And religion:

    14. And when it highlighted Jane's heath issues:

    15. When Kat and Jane showed us that it's OK to have those difficult conversations with your BFF:

    16. Whenever Jacqueline was up for a challenge:

    17. And when it showed us that going through a heartbreak is OK and to trust the process:

    18. Whenever one of the girls stood up for themselves:

    19. Whenever Pinstripe graced our screens:

    20. Or whenever Dr. Ben flashed his million dollar smile:

    21. Whenever Sutton and Richard were alone in the elevator:

    22. When Kat wasn't afraid to assert her dominance in the workplace:

    23. Whenever Jacqueline made us wish she was our boss:

    24. Whenever Sutton had to have the last word:

    25. Basically, Kat, Jane, and Sutton forever:

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