18 Hilarious "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" Cold Opens That'll Fill The Void The Show Has Left Behind

    Your cue to watch all eight seasons again.

    1. When this conversation went Full Boyle as soon as Charles started speaking:

    Charles and Rosa talking in the precinct

    2. When Jake accidentally called Captain Holt dad:

    Jake and Captain Holt talking. Holt has a perplexed expression on his face.

    3. This priceless exchange when the squad tried to get Gina to look up from her phone:

    Amy talking to Gina while Gina is engrossedly looking at her phone

    4. When Jake tried to prove Captain Holt had no pants on and it obviously backfired:

    Jake and Captain Holt talking

    5. When Charles tried to be punny:

    Charles and Jake talking

    6. When they tried to get rid of the ant infestation by freezing them out and this happened:

    Amy Santiago, Jake Peralta, and Gina Linneti sitting in coats in a chilly precinct

    7. When Holt had a mysterious injury and it became a secret no one except Jake would know:

    Captain Holt and Jake talking about Holt's hula-hooping

    8. When the squad shamed Charles for not showing up in a Halloween costume and shamed him again when he came back in his emergency costume:

    A collage of the squad dressed up in Halloween costumes and dressed in normal clothes

    9. When Captain Holt showed off his sassy side and some epic dance moves:

    Captain Holt talking to a street dancer

    10. When Amy was typically Amy because of the substandard grammar and spelling skills of a counterfeiter:

    An upset Amy talking

    11. When Jake showed up to work with this horrific spray tan:

    Captain Holt and Jake in an elevator

    12. When Charles took Jake's going to jail rather catastrophically:

    Boyle eating a stick of butter while Terry and Amy talk to him

    13. When Captain Holt somehow took all night to come up with this burn:

    Captain Holt and Madeline Wuntch trying to insult each other

    14. When poor old Charles got upstaged by a horse:

    A bunch of police officers and police horse on a stage

    15. When Boyle had to say a rather unceremonious goodbye to his hideous goatee, Bianca:

    Terry holding Boyle while Jake attempts to shave Boyle's goatee off

    16. When Charles was the one who could correctly predict Captain Holt's reaction to a marshmallow:

    Charles and Captain Holt eating marshmallows with glee

    17. When Captain Holt delivered this iconic line:

    Captain Holt reacting excitedly to something Amy said

    18. We have to end the list with this Backstreet Boys cover by a very passionate Jake accompanied by a perplexed group of suspects:

    Jake Peralta asking a group of suspects to sing I Want It That Way by the Backstreet Boys

    So which one is your favourite? Share in the comments below!