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What Your Birthday Is Like After College: Expectation Vs Reality

They're just not as fun as when you were a kid and even less fun than when you were in college.

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Facebook: Reality


You have a job now and wake up at 6am, none of your friends are awake to wish you a happy birthday yet.

*Pro-tip: Wait until the end of the day to feel special from all of the notifications.


Parents Reality:


HA. You just graduated so you probably still live with your parents. They've been going about their business with you gone for four years and haven’t really stopped. You got a kiss from your mom and from your Dad, a nice dad joke.

Work: Reality

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Something huge happens in the office and all attention goes there. You can’t find a not-awkward way to mention it’s your birthday.

"No one wants to announce their birthday. People are just supposed to know." You think to yourself as everyone ignores the most important day ever.

Gifts: Expectation

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Your SO plans a romantic getaway for the weekend after your birthday, your best friend takes you to dinner and your boss gives you Friday off because "you're young, go have a good time!"

"Aww guys you shouldn't have!"


Celebration: Reality

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Your birthday is on a Tuesday, you had a 12hr day and you have a 7am phone conference tomorrow morning with an international office, bedtime is 10pm.

The only date you have tonight is with your bed,

Birthday Reality


Unfortunately nothing will ever match your birthday party at Chuck-E-Cheese or the 21 shots you did your senior year.

But your birthday can be just a special, maybe just fewer animal mascots and hangovers. Unless you're into that.

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