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11 Things Non-Salad Eaters are Tired of Hearing

You will either go out to lunch or eat at your desk and someone will notice. You've never touched a salad since you started there, and in comes the peanut gallery. This is for you, stay strong in the cubicle struggle.

mthompson116 4 years ago

The 10 Reasons Everyone Needs To Watch "The Carrie Diaries"

All having to do with fashion. I was skeptical at first being I shamelessly love Sex and the City but this teeny bopper prequel is fantastic, and mainly due to the fashion of all the characters set in 1984.

mthompson116 5 years ago

"Sherlock" Fan Gives Necessary Edits To The First Official Still

Give the Sherlock fandom something to work with and they'll go the mile. Note: There's a lot more edits, I just focused on this one tumblr user's.

mthompson116 5 years ago

What Your Birthday Is Like After College: Expectation Vs Reality

They're just not as fun as when you were a kid and even less fun than when you were in college.

mthompson116 5 years ago