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The 10 Reasons Everyone Needs To Watch "The Carrie Diaries"

All having to do with fashion. I was skeptical at first being I shamelessly love Sex and the City but this teeny bopper prequel is fantastic, and mainly due to the fashion of all the characters set in 1984.

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10. Tom Bradshaw

Yes he's the dad, but he's one of the main 10 character and let's face it, he hits the nail on the 80s dad head.

Look at that collared shirt over a cable-knit sweater, he's responsible but stylish!

9. Samantha Jones

She's so low only because she just started this season. But she has that trashy, "Hair metal isn't my thing but I will be Motley Crue's groupie", look going for her and I love it. Look at that tiger shirt, it's perfect.

In the book series (TCD, not SATC), Sam was a power house in an ad industry, marrying a guy for money, here she's the exact opposite. I'm not mad though, love her bad ass/tragic story line here.

8. Donna LaDonna (center)

With the two Jens thrown on the sides, Donna LaDonna is Queen B with big earrings and constant chonga hair (despite chongas probably not being a thing in Castlebury, CT). She's dramatic, and I love it, not many can pull this look off.

One could ask, "how much lip plumper does a girl need?" Donna answers, "Is there such thing as too much lip plumper? I think not, nerd."

7. Dorrit Bradshaw

Not the best style on the show, maybe 7 is even too high, but she gets the punky 15-year old look down pact.

But I will say... what kind of name is Dorrit? (Apologies to anyone named Dorrit)

6. Jill "The Mouse" Chen

She's adorable, like all the time. She'll grow up to be the female version of Tom Bradshaw, having a stable career while wearing cable knit sweaters on top of button-downs on casual days, and that's just fine.You go Mouse, you be the responsible(ish) one of the group.

4. Maggie Landers

She's not the most popular character on the show right now but Maggie has some serious style. From her Farrah hair to her cute sweaters and that one Thanksgiving episode where she dressed for Walt's family and still looked fab.

Mags is adorable and would be higher on this list if she weren't after Sebastian.

3. Walt Reynolds

Nobody can pull off a popped collar and not look like a douchebag like Walt Reynolds. Seriously, he works every outfit he wears, even when he dressed as Prince Charles. Walt has serious style, and being bff with Donna now just makes his style even better. Don't hate on Wonna (Dalt? Do they have brotp name?)

2. Carrie Bradshaw

I know shocker, she's not number one. Honestly she would be but my number one (no peeking!) beats Carrie, sorry love.

But that aside, Carrie always has the cutest outfits. It makes me want to be a teenager in the 80s with a lawyer dad to buy me all the cutest clothes. Werk Carrie, werk.

1. Larissa Loughlin


The lovely Larissa, I ADORE her. Everything she wears is fabulous and looks amazing no matter how ridiculous (see the Halloween costume, bottom left) it may be.

All hail the queen (well actually a princess from a Ghanaian tribe, yeah they threw that in there) of fashion in The Carrie Diaries.

The Carrie Diaries is on Netflix (season 1), Hulu (season 2 -- currently showing) and comes on the CW on Fridays at 8pm EST

If not for the total guilty pleasure effect, at least watch for the fashion, there's even more where this came from.

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